Face down in a row

Rigid bodies crowd


Skeletal frames identical

A child’s hand reaches down


Grips an unsung memory

A king to pair the queen


A father and mother lost

If not for an abiding heart


Yeeps this was a tough one!

Submission for

Poet’s United


Synaptic Fugue


The darkness is always right-handed, my pupil drinking

In a quixotic iris. Admonishing the light I see in shadow

Puppets, in murders, in fiendish feathers spinning, to an

Entropic earth. I walk amongst the clouds, winged ankles

Scorning the root. I am deviant, asymmetrical, a telephone cable

Unsheathed and dancing in rain. Abused by a demonic parasite if

Superstition holds. My mind growls, reality menaces a sea of

Confusion, of broken hands and fang-baring smiles. I am not

Myself, if I ever I was, I am not myself, it takes too much to

Love me, too much patience, too much repetition. The world

Will teach me uncertainty, how to drown, how to fall, but not

How to land. I will never know what is mine, this reptilian soul

Keeps shedding my hopes and dreams, this reptilian soul that

Never grows old, never wiser, and I am always new, always

Maladjusted. My language excised from the veins, from the

Bones, from the leaks, from the residue wept in hollows deep


The clouds drift by me

Winged ankles scorning the root

Courting anarchy


My language excised

From laconic residue

Wept in hollows deep


This is isn’t quite a Haibun but it is something lol I am in my seizure cycle again, which means the seizure frequency is way up and I am not recovering between them sufficiently to be even remotely functional. I am beyond exhausted and in a dense mental fog. After a seizure my right pupil tends to enlarge without the left so I look kind of like a psychotic cartoon. I want to apologize if I am slow or if I am not making sense when I post and/or comment or if I like without comment. If I don’t seem like myself well it is because I am not right in the head lol. I am extremely forgetful now so I may forget names or even my favorite blog’s addresses the blog roll helps me but I haven’t added everyone so please send me links if there is something you want me to read. Anyways, I want to share a weird story, a very old woman came up to me yesterday and gave me a white zucchini, she explained to me carefully that is wasn’t a cucumber and that is was delicious. She didn’t want money and since she gave me the zucchini my husband has found about $95 in random places! I wasn’t hallucinating because I have the zucchini (which others can see) and Isadora remembers the woman lol So yeah a stranger came up to me in the street and gave me a zucchini (not from a produce stand mind you, not at the grocery just randomly)

Plastic Aphrodite


Why is apathy so damn sexy?

A tantric smile, a nose nudging

Suggestively at Orion’s belt, eyes

Buttoned-closed. Why do you love

Her? She who does not burn, she

Who is nothing but skin and bones

Painted in a slick, disingenuous lacquer


Circling Venus my heart hungers

For the gravity of your expectations

I would dilute the poisonous air of

Your manufactured aesthete, love in

3D is better than paper measurements

And Vaseline-propelled masturbation

I have empathetic hands and lips to ravage

Your wildest dreams. I have breasts and

Hips that willingly nurture. She has jaws

That lock on entreaty and veins that slide

Away like dessert-dwelling serpents


She has her frigid fingers wrapped

Around your wallet, thighs parted

For mannequins only and just what

Do you gain  by possessing her, a

Trophy for the ego? A sadistic boot

Snuffing out the light of your

Masochistic virility? I would love

You in every room in every weather

Governed by a vacillating moon, I am

Beautiful even without clothes in the

Light of a reciprocating smile, she is

A strip of cured leather aging you both

Exponentially, substance-less and tedious

In the act of conversation, she will never

Make you laugh, never challenge your

Intellect, never last no matter how much

You invest in her maintenance. She will

Never have a life that is hers to make

Never support, never give, only take


I used Barbie because I didn’t want to judge a girl, that I don’t know, as being fake. This is fictional I was just having fun truth be known I haven’t met too many superficial men I think maybe because a superficial man would never talk to me to begin with lol I am married to a nice highly intelligent shy guy, I was married at 19. So I do not know much about the travails of superficiality or modern dating thank God.

Milk Thistle


The burlesque sky fades to a

Censured black at the height

Of exposure, words meaningless

On contact. Your breath is hungry,

Implicit, fireless without oxygen

You mean to devour. Your mouth falls

Over mine like a blanket. My scorched

Smile trembles. In your presence my

Lungs ache, stricken by the intensity of

Your marrow-stripping eyes. I love the

Way you diminish me, the way you reduce

Me to volcanic ash, your fingertips spark,

Incite the growl of a primordial awakening,


I am organic, you are spurious, a

Haunting distortion of all that is

Human or humane, you possess me,

Drink the rose from my flesh, leave

Me pale and wasted, you’re volatile

And elusive, I watch you extract

Milk from the mercy of our joined

Souls, pure and white like forgiveness


You slide the grievous flesh away, we’re

Deeper than pretense, deeper than a

Conscientiously arranged corporeal

Syllabary, more abstract than beauty

I like the way you suffocate me, deny,

Through excessive generosity, overrun

My neural highways with your wild lilac

Eccentricities. In your stratosphere, I am

Inching ever closer to ignition, ever closer

To those stars, those muses whose selfless

Sacrifices originate me, you connect me to

That which I would deny, to a world not

Carried on my slopping shoulders, to a world

Not bound or barred by self-hatred. Some

Days I catch myself awake, a wind-adorned

Thistle healing within and without, I touch

The world that you have laid before me naked

And imperfect, the curious evolution of my pain,

Of my seismic denial, sliding into my eager

Mouth like a communion wafer, love tastes like

Nothing, like air, like freedom, spacious, you fill me


Lots of seizures lately which means I am not writing with the use of my brain. I am just plucking debris from outer-space!

I did a reading (the vacuum cleaner sound is only my laptop struggling) I am so tired I probably sound like I am partially stoned lol

Day 30 “Change”


Whew I wasn’t sure I would make it out alive lol This was a challenge as my memory isn’t good with quick recall (I can’t even remember my favorite movie 15 minutes after I watched it) .  My memory is horribly abstract ask me to recall a movie and I will answer something like “It felt yellow…” “The leaves were apple crisp” “I have a spleen full of magma” As you can imagine no one ever knows what the hell I am talking about. Even when I can access a memory the abstract nature makes it unusable! I get lost constantly because I can only recall the most obscure details about a place, I seem to see things no one else notices and to miss all that is obvious. I chose this song because I want to support Sam, to be strong enough to live and love fully.  To not just be more independent but to repay generosity. I want to be needed, necessary, useful.

Stealing the Moon


Your fingers catch on the windowsill

Impatient pulse nailing my coffin closed

In the night you creep, the stars spilling

From your lips, our villainous needs wept

Into silk sheets, beautiful only after the

Negatives are exposed. Beautiful when

Our voices collide like earth and sea


I dream only of your sex of these moments

Interred like fingernails in flesh. I’ll never

Let go of your soul, the way we fit, the way

We dissolve, seamlessly. The sun rise deceives,

Twists our words so delicately into elusion, there

Is no forgiving a faithless moon, let’s love each

Other viciously but only when it’s dark, only

When I am blind enough to believe that love

Binds our limbs. I want to be more than misery’s

Daughter, more than salt, more than a Band Aid

Placed carelessly over a lonely wounded heart


Warm me in your furnace, make me meaningful,

Make me worthy, just call my name when we rise,

Just call my name like there is no one else at all

I want to be your river, to give you life, to rinse

Away the guilt of too many misplaced consequences


I am not sure you can discern the influence at all but I was inspired!

I wrote this listening to “Morning Theft”

Day 29 “A Song You Loved As A Teenager”


I was a teenager in 90s and I was into grunge and what is grunge without Nirvana? I love Nirvana I still listen to them regularly I wouldn’t be a proper Generation X’er otherwise =) I understand how parents and grandparents get stuck!  Isadora is too young to make fun of me for being lame/old (well she hasn’t started yet and not for a lack of lameness/oldness I assure), she is only 5 and the crazier I act the more badass I am in her book.  That is one of the fabulous aspects of small children, if Sam and I break into spontaneous song and dance, she just joins in no questions asked/no judgement passed. She is so good now I can’t but worry lol

Prompt 14 “The music of…”


This week it is a music prompt but I am taking away a little bit of your freedom as I am choosing the artist lol Always an excuse to inflict my musical proclivities onto a defenseless audience. Seriously though Jeff Buckley is amazing! One of my favorite artists of all time and I have a compulsive need to share. I have chosen 4 songs for you to pick from that way you’re not totally tied down. The songs are only to inspire you, take from them as you will (you do not need to copy his style or write a tribute piece or anything just listen to the song and create freely). You do not have to write a song unless of course you want to write a song poetry, stories, photos, artwork, articles anything is fine. You do not need to post an audio/video link to the song of your choice but do let me know which of the songs you chose for your inspiration. If you want you can write a piece for each song or multiple pieces you know I am not very restrictive lol I made sure the songs all came with lyrics because I know writers must have their lyrics!

Lilac Wine (lyrics are under the video)

Forget Her

So real (lyrics underneath)

Morning Theft

And good old Mr. Linky



I have a secret that pounds the floorboards

A melancholy hum in front of the cervical

Spine, a song as insidious as a voyeur’s

Impatient exhale. I have a secret inside my

DNA a spiraling, enterprising derangement

That summons nightmares from hopelessly

Mortal abstractions, like a chair’s spinster

Shadow. I have a secret molten behind eyes

The color of distressed seas. I have seen too

Much to believe in anything that your artistic

Mouth would pin to the black canvas of a failing

Sexual conquest. I have a secret pressed between

The bulging veins of a tourniqueted existence

My diary runs red and wild with your villainy

I have a vicious white secret smeared obscenely

Between my thighs, proof of your impotence,

Proof that your heart is a bone dry well and if

All that I needed was the vulgar space between

Your legs I would be indecently happy but then I

Too would be empty. I have a secret, you are not

Man enough to satisfy my soul’s enduring needs, not

Man enough to hold me naked in the aftermath of

Our misdeeds and say distinctly that you love me