I keep thinking of your heart

Like the surface of the moon

Atramentous craters, surrounded

By a milk powder outline as if

You had resigned yourself to a

Prolonged infancy. Some days

You don’t even move, you just

Lie there gagging on the exhaust

Of retiring stars, frightened by

The finality of an articulated wish


Day 6 Music Challenge “A favorite song”


This is the challenge I accidentally skipped so I decided to backtrack and grab it before I get even more off than I already am. I seem to be incapable of following lists lol As I mentioned in the previous challenge my favorite song, is a moment to moment, mood to mood sort of phenomenon so I could never pinpoint any one song. When I was in high school I would read Rolling Stones and Spin magazines and look at the biographies and that was one source of finding good artists pulling them from the interviews because if the interview interested me usually the artist didn’t disappoint. I also would go into the music store and  buy CDs I’d never heard of and just did all sorts of random things to find artists as I wasn’t really into boy bands or catchy pop tunes which are/were so popular on the radio. I didn’t have internet till 1999. In the 90s Much Music was pretty fucking awesome and I found a lot of good bands, it might also explain why a lot of the bands I listen to are Canadian even though I am not lol. As I was a teen in 90s a lot of my favorite music comes from that decade. Being a 90s kid I naturally liked grunge and still do actually. I used to practice singing to Portishead a lot, I just love her voice.