Carbon Noise Poetry


Not sleeping well nightmares, seizures I am about half crazy right now lol


Fingerprint Haiku


Press your thumbs into

The small of my back, brand me

With vortex kisses


Puckish prints preserved

On glass, fossils spiraling

On a silver lake


Cauterized fingers

Leave no trace of existence

A thief’s artful touch


Your hands wrap around

My heart – imitation ribs,

Fusing prints in blood


Narcissus’ fingers

Flirt with the lake’s reflection

Bluffing DNA


I had negative time to write today geez and I am sure it shows! Stressful day

Submission for

Haiku Heights

Day 2 Music Challenge “A song from your childhood”


There are a number of songs that stand out to me from my childhood, songs that I would sing along to from the radio, songs close to my heart, endorphin-rich songs that effect physically. I can get quite emotional when listening to music (I also cry during sad movies I am a sap). I feel emotional when I sing too but it never translates, I really do sound like a robot lol I chose this song because it was one I always looked forward to hearing, the kind of song that caused me to stand stock still in the middle of a Department store so I could enmesh myself totally irrespective of what was going on around me. Cyndi Lauper was big in the 80s and one of my favorite artists at that time. I was also a big Madonna fan and I really liked the song “Broken Wings” from Mr. Mister. Even though my music tastes have changed (in some respects darkened) I still have a place in my heart for the 80s!