Whew I wasn’t sure I would make it out alive lol This was a challenge as my memory isn’t good with quick recall (I can’t even remember my favorite movie 15 minutes after I watched it) .  My memory is horribly abstract ask me to recall a movie and I will answer something like “It felt yellow…” “The leaves were apple crisp” “I have a spleen full of magma” As you can imagine no one ever knows what the hell I am talking about. Even when I can access a memory the abstract nature makes it unusable! I get lost constantly because I can only recall the most obscure details about a place, I seem to see things no one else notices and to miss all that is obvious. I chose this song because I want to support Sam, to be strong enough to live and love fully.  To not just be more independent but to repay generosity. I want to be needed, necessary, useful.


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