Sparrow Cell


I cast off my shackles, the hollow-ringed

Anxiety that tethers ankles and wings to an

Inert platform, to a potentiality framed by the

Deformations of dreams left to harden into a

Sparrow-cell of regrets. I have assumed a slavery

So claustrophobic that my breath is measured and

Vilified for its occupation of space and resources.

Primitive and neglected I flap only, the heavens have

Never expressed my higher instincts. The ceiling hangs

So low that I cannot stand with my back erect, I can

Only stoop, humiliated by self-imposed limitations


I cast out these euphemistic silences

The bony dialogues rendered unsteady

By a bewitched tongue, the volatile plexus

Of hysterical butterfly nerves that summon

The essence of rose into the morbid pallor

Of flesh. Blushes erupting, volcanic and

Dangerous, irrespective of the provocateur,

Irrespective of the prosaicness of the incident


I cast off false grievances the imagined

Scenarios that decimate will, alternate universe

Alternating between gradations of a black hopeless

Panic. I have experienced the most terrible, despicable

Acts of criminality at the behest of my own imagination

Events that bare not the slightest resemblance to life but

To which I nevertheless offer my paranoid convictions


I want to embrace a world beyond my cloistered ego, to

Love mightily, madly and with ruthless abandon let this

Ubiquitous womb of a mind, this bone-guarded architect

Break free like the entrails of a pumpkin scooped cleanly,

Spaciousness allowing for the passage of light. Happiness

Is orange, invigorating it does not last but it will come again

And again if the door remains open, even a window would do


(the poem is written about my own debilitating shyness and anxiety but I attempted to write with a bit of a Sylvia Plath/Arthur Rimbaud vibe if that makes any sense whatsoever lol)


Prompt 11 Literary Idols


I want you to write a poem influenced by one of your literary idols! If you use a specific poem for your inspirational source please share the poem or provide us with a name/title and preferably link to the poem that inspired your creation! As writer I have found a lot of inspiration from fellow writers professional and otherwise but if I had to chose I would say Sylvia Plath and Arthur Rimbaud. Had I not discovered their poetry I might never have been compelled to write my own and that is an absolutely terrifying thought considering how much poetry has come to mean to me. I was unable to choose between the two so I wrote a poem that includes elements from both poets but I will let you judge as to whether or not I succeeded lol I used Arthur Rimbaud photo here and on my own submission I will use Sylvia Plath. Again I want to apologize I realize I have been very busy lately and thus not as active or as quick to respond as you may have become accustomed to. I am actually quite slow at everything really and with Sam on vacation we’ve been making frequent trips to the country. I do not have internet access on my phone so I have been off the grid a lot lately lol


If you are a photographer share an inspired photograph


If you write blogs then discuss your favorite writers and/or artists/photographers. Who inspired you to pursue a certain hobby? Career? Change your life? Something along those lines I am quite flexible so feel free to be flexible with the prompt interpretation lol

Day 8 Music Challenge “A song that makes you want to dance”


As I have mentioned previously dancing is one of my favorite forms of exercise. I am not a good dancer, my coordination is not just bad its outright abnormal and forget about rhythm whatever that is lol I don’t even have two left feet, feet would be an improvement over whatever those bizarre protrusions are emanating from my super stiff ankles :-P. Generally when I dance I just let go, just give in to the inner crazy, forget about style and forget about sexiness (what an alien concept to me). I prefer silly, I like hearing Isadora laugh when I am being ridiculous it is my sneaky motherly way of getting in exercise for the both of us and a great way to spend quality time together. I dance to just about anything though in truth my normal musical choices aren’t very dance friendly. Sam introduced me to Electric Swing because he thought it would be fun and it’s enjoyable for Isadora as well. I don’t know any dances possibly the Hokey Pokey because it has built in instructions and maybe the running man because it was huge when I am a kid haha.