Your fingers catch on the windowsill

Impatient pulse nailing my coffin closed

In the night you creep, the stars spilling

From your lips, our villainous needs wept

Into silk sheets, beautiful only after the

Negatives are exposed. Beautiful when

Our voices collide like earth and sea


I dream only of your sex of these moments

Interred like fingernails in flesh. I’ll never

Let go of your soul, the way we fit, the way

We dissolve, seamlessly. The sun rise deceives,

Twists our words so delicately into elusion, there

Is no forgiving a faithless moon, let’s love each

Other viciously but only when it’s dark, only

When I am blind enough to believe that love

Binds our limbs. I want to be more than misery’s

Daughter, more than salt, more than a Band Aid

Placed carelessly over a lonely wounded heart


Warm me in your furnace, make me meaningful,

Make me worthy, just call my name when we rise,

Just call my name like there is no one else at all

I want to be your river, to give you life, to rinse

Away the guilt of too many misplaced consequences


I am not sure you can discern the influence at all but I was inspired!

I wrote this listening to “Morning Theft”


43 thoughts on “Stealing the Moon

  1. dang…really like that last stanza..the power of a name…to give meaning…to acknowledge importance and existence…and the misplaced consequences….really nice…

  2. Wow…so powerful and delicate at the same time. I love how you play with words and dripped them right into the right places. 🙂 Beautiful!

  3. “Warm me in your furnace, make me meaningful”
    great words..all to often relationships are merely physical. hots bodies fed by cold hearts…
    this says…make me something real..make me part of you so you cannot brush me off like the morning dandruff.
    your poetry is always worth reading over…again and again

      1. compliment well earned…been watching for another chapter or two in your fairy tale…hope I didn’t miss it…if so will you send the link?

  4. not really..sometimes the juices of a story stop flowing and where ever you try to take it doesn’t work or other things become more important..I think writing has to come peacefully and if one tries to force the words they become like a defiant child and clam up.

    1. The ideas are brewing though I admit even when I love a story and the characters I sometime don’t finish, I got wherever inspiration takes me someday it has to be a haiku, some days free verse, some days a story, some days music inspired, some days I want to try a whole new form. I wish I was a little more disciplined though lol

  5. A very compelling read! I must confess, I became misplaced myself wandering the avenues of your feelings. You drew me right in and drown me with words. Excellent writing!

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