Prompt 10 The Metamorphosis


This week’s theme is metamorphosis and not in the spiritual or philosophical sense but in the physical sense! I am not sure how many of you have read Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” but the protagonist in the story wakes up as a monstrosity unspecified. What you wake up as is up to you, you can wake up in a another human body, as an animal, a demon/angel, an insect, rodent, a reptile/amphibian, a mythological creature whatever you like just so it isn’t as yourself (unless you want to do something with amnesia)! Mr. Kafka never explains why this fate has befallen his protagonist and he never really explains precisely what sort of monstrosity the poor guy has turned into so I leave it to you if you want to explore that or leave that aspect a mystery. I also leave it up to you, if your character is seen by an outsider or if the transformation occurs when they are alone. I want the change to be unexpected and non volitional. Obviously you can do a vampire/werewolf/or zombie theme. You could also have your character die and become a ghost. You don’t have to write a story for this but do try to be descriptive.


Pictures are allowed for this prompt as always

If you are doing a haiku or limerick choose some type of vermin (mice, bugs, snakes) for a more general theme

If you are doing a Blog write about gardening or nature or an experience with vermin haha


My husband has started vacation and my schedule has become very hectic/unpredictable, I will definitely read/comment to everything posted but I am not 100% sure if I will have time to create my own submission lol That doesn’t matter though you guys feel absolutely free to submit as much as you want =)


Absinthe’s Treasure


Against her naked skin the water was cool, a touch tremulous, hesitating, like the first awkward admission of a prepubescent infatuation. The bottom of the pond was littered with clear ovals, like the eggs of an invisible and prolific serpent. The water was of an ethereal clarity that offered no visual impediment and thus little confirmation of its existence outside of the tear-shaped drops bejeweling her air-exposed flesh. “Why don’t you fetch one…” An ebony-skinned nymph suggested, voice a sultry whisper, unfastening inhibition. A synesthetic wine spilling warmly over her body, that voice transcendental, a Goddess’s prayer. She had no choice, the request combined with her curiosity, a course in constellations set.


Diving down beneath the surface, against the arms of Martian lovers, struggling deeper and deeper against the buoyancy of her curvaceousness, her fingers hooked around a solitary glass sphere. Surfacing, treasure wrapped in a diminutive fist and clutched to her breast, the other nymphs circled her smiling faces inquisitive. Unfolding her hand she looked at the transparent stone and then up at the raven-haired Venus from before, eyes imploring. “It’s for you…watch and see….”


Looking down the stone began to swirl with colors, Jupiter’s tumultuous eye, filling her hands with impatient thunder. “Who is that girl?” She asked on seeing herself for so enmeshed was she in this new identity that she could not distinguish her own face from that of a strangers. “That’s you silly…” One of the girls said laughing. “The other you…the one from before….” The other her? The girl did look familiar, the red hair, the hazardous green irises, drifting, unfocused, filtered through the flames of descending lashes. She was that girl, that tragic girl shattered like the husk of a lightning touched oak, in the corner, misery etched into her features. Sean was gone, she knew it when she looked at herself, at the devastation, at the scissors in one hand and the clump of dismantled tresses in the other. Was this her future? One of heartbreak and loneliness? Could she stay here enchanted, disillusioned, an Alice of the opiates? Here she might still be happy, loved by her sister Goddesses, pursued by the satyr, worshiped by virile men.


“First sorrow…than joy…” A nymph said stepping forward and wiping the tears from her cheeks, tears that Absinthe had not known herself to have shed. Watching the stone she saw her rabbits, her mother, Sean at a distance, the neighbor next door, days passed, perhaps years, it was a sea of swimming images, like a dream on waking, unformed, ungraspable, flashes of light slipping into gaunt shadows. Slowly the picture focused and she saw Sean, no longer the lanky silhouette of a youth, but a broad-shouldered man with square hands, and a devastatingly angled jaw. He was handsome, more so than the almost pretty barely 20 something male that lay world’s away. His hair was still unstreaked, eyes still unlined, only a few years had passed, still a young man, in a future not so unattainable, not so far that she could not bare the absence without being eaten alive.


She saw herself at his side, the smile that was so alien to that down-turned mouth, and the light slipshod over her face, in her eyes especially. This was her secret self, the one only Sean had glimpsed, bared shamelessly. She was prettier than she remembered herself to be, perhaps it was only the expression, perhaps it was the way their smiles combined and the way their bodies collapsed together, laughing into a bed she did not yet own, in an apartment that wasn’t hers or his but theirs. Maybe it was the plastic ring on her wedding finger, the childish hopeless romantic side that endeared her to Sean despite the side-stepping defenses that kept the rest of the world sidewalk bound. Happiness suited them, it felt natural, unforced.


“She’s going to leave us now…” One of the younger girls said bow mouth folded down. “She’ll come again…another life here….with us….” One of the older nymph’s assured brushing wet chocolate strands from chamois soft shoulders, a token of consolation that sufficiently subdued. Hearing the voices Absinthe pulled her eyes from the semaphore wiping them quickly with the back of her hand. “I promise…another time…all of me…undivided…” She said allowing the nymphs to embrace her and in her own joy remaining open and relaxed despite the press of naked breasts against her own and the lips smiling against her cheeks, farewells softly pressed into her memory. This was a moment too precious to fashion into metal coins, too precious not to bare nurturing, this world in which she almost belonged, a future far more distant then her mortal heart could ultimately fathom. She would return to Sean and no matter the cost to herself she would love him fully even knowing they’d fail the first time around. She did not know that her human mind was too fragile to hold such a memory intact, she did not suspect that she might forget these lovely women, her sisters. The only element to which her heart would hold was the silent vow of allegiance she made to both parties.


“I thought I’d lost you…” Absinthe looked down, Lilith at her feet tail snapping like a Dominatrix’s whip. “You had me worried….but you’re happy now right?” The Abyssinian asked indicating the glass stone with her nose. Looking down Absinthe still held the sphere though its face showed only the distortions of the surroundings like a fish-eyed lens. Shaking her head in reassurance, the feline satisfied, stood tail settling into a sinuous pattern. “Good…I’ve always been rooting for you…as far as humans go…I don’t think you’re the worst…” The cat said turning around sharply to discourage additional commentary along the sentimental vein. “Well come on with ye then…we’ve wasted enough time…”


(I thought it would be a happy ending to think of Absinthe in the future with Sean, I felt from the beginning they ultimately belonged. I have had a lot of seizures lately so not exactly sure how this even turned out. I am proud that I completed the challenge though way to go me!)

Submission for

We Write Poems

Day 1 Music Challenge “A Song that describes you”


I gave this one tremendous thought but every song that came to mind the subject had a substance abuse problem to account for their crazy. I am just weird, not a junkie, diagnosable sure, but not a criminal. I chose this song in the end because I identify with the sense of not belonging, the sense of being off and thus ill-adapted in most normal social situations. When I look at others I see them as beautiful, unattainable and myself as an unwanted aberration. Like many people with critically low self-esteem I am always trying to make myself better, different, passably human.
Something you may not know about my is that I have Oppositional Defiant Disorder generally people associate this with delinquents but aside from Jaywalking (which I don’t fully understand) I am not a law-breaking kind of person. If anything I have a devastatingly strict sense of morals (for myself I don’t apply it to other people). I have never gotten scolded about the Jaywalking thing but I just assume I do it, as a kid I just thought it was illegal to walk at a diagonal lol Anyways ODD makes it very hard to belong because once I sense that I am fitting in, I find myself wanting to push boundaries and stake out on my own again. I love people but sometimes I think I would really just rather observe them and do my own thing. I won’t even pretend I am cool and call myself a lone wolf because I do get lonely and I do need love (to give and receive). I think I am just withdrawn, skittish like a dog that has been kicked too many times.
I am including this one too because I resonate with the Nightmare Hippie Girl if you take out the substance abuse and the promiscuity lol I am not beautiful but to those who love me I suppose I can be haha

2 Poems (Gehenna and Well) *warning deals with abuse*



In a ruined temple

I offered my heart. as small

As an infant’s fist


I held my tongue when

Faced with your authority

Defenseless and scared


I truly believed

In time you would love me as

I needed to be


As a daughter not

As a surrogate to my

Very own mother


Was I born broken

Or did the light displace a

Structural darkness?


I recall your hands

Peeling wool from a flock-less

Sheep to hide your sin


Grinding bone so that

Crippled I would never walk

On my own again


It was your black veins

Spiraling around my throat

To silence the screams


Never the monster

I supposed myself to be

Now a willing stray


What have I become?

An unchecked antihero

Denouncing all love


A dragon-scaled waif

Patiently suicidal

Tending Gehenna



Windows black as a night sky unpinned

Eyes darker still, mouth a well, an

Open-mouthed ossuary, in my soul the

Bones of a dead child turning tricks at

A critical deficit. I am a little more broken

Than I thought I would be, in the end a

Savior unsaleable, ophidian these neural

Pathways exiled by repeated exposure

To wicked  trees, I opened my eyes only to

Blink you were there father remember?


(I read this book recently on child abuse and it really got me apparently.)

Blog Challenge Day 31 Why do you blog?

31-day-challengeHere it the final day and I have stuck to it! I couldn’t be more proud haha I have another one planned that I made but its going to be a tough one. Now on to the answer, which I am sure you are dying to know 😛

I started blogging as a way to become more organized. When I write poetry it’s not uncommon for me to leave work unfinished or to never bother transferring a messy hand-written poem onto my computer where it can be properly edited and saved. I have lost a lot of work because I didn’t take the time to save and much of what is in my journals is virtually illegible. Even typing it does not always result in a finished or saved copy I can leave 30 plus windows up without saving and then lose everything in a sudden power outage or computer malfunction. I also find that when I switch to a new computer I almost never transfer my poetry to the new hard drive, it ends up on CDs that are easily lost or scratched beyond use. The wordpress site forces me to save and it also encourages me to edit and finish my poetry. When I first started I assumed no one would read my blog as I hadn’t told anyone about it but the threat that someone might was motivation to finish/edit a piece before submitting lol Not that long after I started posting Jingle left a comment inviting my to participate in a poetry share. I can’t remember but maybe she submitted the poem for me. I was unable to locate anything using the wordpress search and to be honest its absolutely useless as far as I am concerned but the poetry share sites allowed me to view the blogs of other poets which I really enjoyed. Since I still cannot understand how to search on wordpress and often have to use Google to search for information on wordpress its been a shear coincidence that I have located additional groups lol Actually when I came back from a long hiatus and found my old groups disbanded I was completely lost! After joining the groups and participating my little page started to get more traffic. I don’t have a lot of friends and of that small number none of them are interested in poetry particularly. Finding people who are interested in poetry has been amazing! I have met some really fantastic writers and people here. There are times when I post a poem of a very personal nature and I expect almost that people will say “What a freak” but instead people relate. I really have trouble finding people that relate to me in life and here there are so many people with whom I can relate!

Firefly Haiku



An electric nymph

Cool and effulgent, on an

Unmade bed of grass


Hands filled with lightning

Wishes light as paper cast

On counterfeit stars


Underneath the moon

Harvesting fireflies for a

Primitive lantern

And I had a rictameter

Own me

Through seduction

Dress my spine in satin

The color of expensive wine

Light me recurrently like a firefly

Drink of me, of the forbidden

Sweetness between bared thighs

Make me unchaste

Own me

Submission for

Haiku Heights

Blog Challenge Day 30 Makeup Bag (Not!)


Since I do not have a makeup bag (I do own chapstick and lotion) and do not plan on acquiring one I thought I would choose 20 books from my bookcase instead lol These are not all my of my books and though I have several books by certain authors I chose only to include one for each in the list.

  1. “Void of Course” Jim Carroll

  2. “A Season in Hell and Illuminations” Arthur Rimbaud

  3. “Flowers of Evil” Charles Baudelaire

  4. “A Bell Jar” Sylvia Plath

  5. “The Wisdom of No Escape” Pema Chödrön

  6. “Giovanni’s Room” James Baldwin

  7. “1984” George Orwell

  8. “A Clockwork Orange” Anthony Burgess

  9. “The Metamorphosis” Franz Kafka

  10. “A Picture of Dorian Gray” Oscar Wilde

  11. “The Tao of Pooh” Benjamin Hoff

  12. “Vurt” Jeff Noon

  13. “Jane Eyre” Charlotte Brontë

  14. “Siddhartha” Herman Hesse

  15. “Memoirs of a Geisha” Arthur Golden

  16. “Somebody Somewhere” Donna Williams

  17. “Tuesdays with Morrie” Mitch Albom

  18. “The Book” Alan Watts

  19. “The Beautiful Room is Empty” Edmund White

  20. “Mythology” Edith Hamilton



The feathers in your hair coming

Undone, prophecy-baring doves

Spilling from a warped halo


Your hands are beautiful when they

Scream, as beautiful as your eyes

Drowning, as beautiful as your

Lipstick bidding farewell to a

Mirror that ceased to reflect me


I’ll never claim that I loved you less

In a world where you were everyone

And everything, I love you quietly still


The breadcrumbs that I lay never

Find you and all that was invincible

At conception spoils in my heart

Blog Challenge Day 29 Where have you been?


In the United States I have been to

North Carolina (my home state)

South Carolina




Washington D.C.


New York


I have been through more states but these are the states I have visited


Sweden (current residence)


Great Britain (London mostly)

France (Paris only)






I hope to visit many many more countries in the future! Most of the countries I have been I saw on a high school field trip, I convinced my mom to let me go after informing her that chaperones went for free.  My mom is quite a lot like a kid, not the creepy dressing like a teenager partying promiscuous sort thankfully but the mischievous, fun-loving, excitable (hyperactive) kind of kid She got on really well with my classmates, playing pranks in the back of the travel bus 😛 You have never really seen anyone happy about a vacation until you’ve seen my mom on vacation, she absolutely hysterical on vacation.

Moon Sick


Sweep me backwards into nostalgia

Kiss me saccharine, faithless in the

Widowing rays of a nocturnal farce


Paint me with the sweat of your

Writhing flesh deliver me unclean,

Through the repeated application of

Your villainous intentions, summon

The white light of a heady amnesia

Speak to me as your mistress, not as

The wife scorned and abandoned by

The treachery of your misplaced organ


Drag my name across your tongue

Slow and sadistic like a blade. End

Me with paroxysm and heat lightening

Like a summer’s night, humid in the

Onset of a wine-ingested decay


A witch’s spell, a moon sick fairytale

In the morning thoroughly spent,

Boneless as a mescaline mindtrip

I’ll remove the ring from my finger

And retreat into the dessert, a lizard

Priestess, tepid blood migrating toward

The reliable warmth of soldiering sun