The Man And The Moon

Wyeth, Andrew Man and The Moon, 1990


We scatter likes doves

Underneath a lupine moon

Blessings in velvet


Your skin is like wax

Supple in the autumn heat

Waning resistance


Cowboys by midnight

We strip to our bare instincts

And assume the wind


A primal engine

Murmurs against naked thighs

Reckless hearts collide


Some haiku

Submission for

Magpie Tales


Day 27 “A Song That Reminds You Of An Event”


In my junior year of high school I decided to go on the senior class trip to Washington D.C. I didn’t actually know that many seniors but I would have jumped on any excuse to travel/get away from home. The social aspects didn’t bother me, I wasn’t even worried about being social. I figured better that no one know me as there is less chance of me getting pulled into anything. I know, I know where was my sense of rebellion? Of romance? As I was signing up for the field-trip the senior that I had a crush on walked into the room and sat behind me. We didn’t know each other really. We didn’t have classes together and I was too shy to chat with him when I saw him in the mornings. I thought he was cute with his over-sized Joker Hats, hacky sac, and the whole skateboarder get up. I did once get the nerve to approach him on Valentine’s Day I ran up to him and gave him an envelop with a very weird piece of Scandinavian jewelry. I didn’t really intend for it to be worn, it was more this is something I love, I am giving it to you. Anyways I ran off before we could talk to me. That was probably about 1 year before this trip so I figured he’s forgotten all about it. I don’t have to be embarrassed about my lameness anymore lol On the bus they were playing this song and everyone was singing along and even though I wasn’t talking to anyone I felt a part of the group somehow (it’s that weird delusional thing that happens when you get too weird and antisocial I think lol).


When we got to the hotel I got into a pair sweats and a t-shirt right away because I was not going to talk to anyone you know. I was going to watch TV and then go to sleep. I had 2 female roommates by the way. At some point my crush appears in my bedroom with me looking like hell (I think I may have had a cat shirt on or something) and I am thinking geezus but I am happy too. He just wanted our coffee pot. Anyways later that night my roommates attempt to lure me to a party with the prospect of pot but I don’t care about that sort of thing so I declined (I  wasn’t goody-two-shoes I always just did my own thing you know? Thankfully I never smoked pot while it is helpful for many conditions it is really not good for Epilepsy!). Turns out my crush is in the room beside me so all night I hear him and his roommates goofing around.


The next day the field-trip officially begins and lo and behold my crush comes up and starts talking to me. I was really surprised! He is adorable, more adorable than I imagined. When we take a group photo he is told to stand in the back because of his height but he stays beside me anyways so we will have a picture together. He talks to me a good portion of the trip. He tells me his phone number, his address, his work address, where he is going to college, I mean everything I could need to contact/locate him. Asks me to visit. For some reason I gave him no info at all and I was unlisted and lived in the boonies. He also brings up the necklace which he apparently has on his nightstand. He remembered that? I was happy but then I found out he had a girlfriend (he tells me himself but it doesn’t seem things are going too well). Still I didn’t want to be that girl, I didn’t want to hurt someone. On the way home we stop at a gas station and I go to the bathroom when I get out he is there all puppy eyes “I missed you” he wasn’t making it easy. When we finally got back to the school I left without saying anything in part because my mom was in a big damn hurry, in part because he had a girlfriend so what could I do? He graduated and that was seemingly that. At some point 2 years later I think I met someone who knew him (who I didn’t know but mysteriously knew me, she was his ex so she explained) and she told me where he worked and suggested I go see him (she also told me about their relationship from the past) but I was married at that point so I did not go see him. Honestly, I am not even sure what I said in response to this conversation I was so gobsmacked I mean it is not every day or ever (you would think) that this type of conversation occurs lol So that is my tale for you kiddies =)