Time Haiku


I watch the minutes

Peeling from your bloodied lips

Farewell’s copper kiss


I dream only of you

Of the clock’s waning gestures

Of censure and guilt


I emptied my hopes

Into a man that had none

Time danced by fearless


Pained by its passage

I slipped into the mortar

Of a self-made cell


I don’t want to change

To accept this fate unwished

Leave me to the stars


Leave me to my dreams

To my lone constellations

To a hope-spun grave


Shining in the dark

Like a pharos, denial

Is my only friend


Trauma turns to scars

That harden, I wear my bones

On the surface now


Seeds of nostalgia

Grow such beautiful flowers

And such bitter fruit


From this fragile love

An iron-scaled hatred seethes

I want to hurt you


To taste only grief

In your name, a monster bred,

An obsession


My hands prey like birds

Stripping blue worms from dry earth

To stop the hunger


My heart cannot bear

Your loss, the cold exodus

Of souls dividing


There are no masks

Left to hide beneath, my face

Through exposure cracks


Your China doll crushed

Inside a sterile embrace

No womb to regress


No heart to lie on

No warmth through which I might mend

Stiff fingers point down


I hate your pale face

The trenchant black digits

That cry nevermore

I am sorry I could not stop writing haiku!

Submission for

Haiku Heights


Day 22 “A Song For Your Funeral”


Apparently I want to drive everyone mad after I die, maybe I am a sadist? I love Liszt, Paganini, Rachmaninoff oh my. I am going to be honest here I have never really thought of what song should play at my funeral. I do not even know what sort of song is appropriate and I don’t even recall having been to a funeral with music. I love this song at a funeral it seems like it might just induce insanity

Here is another Liszt piece

And Paganini

And Rachmaninoff

Prompt 13 Photo Inspiration


I am still working on my fairytale (went to the zoo yesterday) so I really didn’t have time to put my prompt together or write my own entry for the prompt haha I created this site and have not yet had time to upload many photos but your mission is to chose one and let it inspire you. As the photographs were taken by either my husband or myself you can post the pictures on your site freely. Obviously I didn’t take the really old one but it is a family photo so you can use it freely as well (the little girl is my maternal grandmother). The cowboy is me dressed as Irvine Kinneas from FF8, my husband made the costume. I am so lame I know. I just thought I’d go to school dressed like that and freak out all the people in my Japanese class. I do not mind if you edit/manipulate the photos (aside from resizing I never edit my photos haha).  If you do not want to post photos on your site just let me know which photograph you were using for your inspiration. If you are a photographer and only submit photos than just submit your own photo as you would normally. I have very little experience taking photographs and because of my neurological issues it is very hard to hold my hands still!

The photos can be found here

Photos for Prompt