Swing Haiku


Virtue cast aside

I am too far from Canaan

To become a star


Heaven shrinks and swells

Depending on the angle

Of my intentions


Blurry Monet sky

Braided chains unraveling

Blinding pirouettes


I summon the wind

Sunburnt thighs pumping madly

Icarus’ first flight


You stand nonchalant

In the seat of a worn swing

Swaying my resolve


On a wooden plank

I sail above elvish trees

Queen of the forest


When I was a kid my dad sent me to day camp to learn how to make Native American pottery the swing set was in a clearing in the woods so I used to imagine the trees were my minions when I was swinging

Submission for

Haiku Heights


Prompt 12 Fairytale


This week you are writing your own fairytale! I do not care if you make the fairytale appropriate for children as I attempted  to do or if you want to take a more adult approach. I typically create poems/stories with more mature themes and language as you know so writing a story for children is very much outside of my niche but I wanted the challenge. I realize that some of your will choose to write stories and that stories can get long, so it is fine to submit your story in sections. If your story should continue beyond a week please continue submitting because I will want to finish! You can of course submit poetry as well.


You can also submit photographs/art/blog posts whatever you want just so you keep the fairytale theme in mind lol


Alternatively you can continue the story I started. You can take the story in any direction you like dark and sinister, romantic, humorous, Machiavellian, happy ending, sad ending whatever you want. You don’t have to mimic my writing style of course.¬† Just write as you would taking the story in the direction you would like to see it go, adding characters as you see fit, killing characters as you see fit whatever you want to do there is no limit. I know people do this with their children sometimes so I thought it could be interesting. If no one chooses this option that is perfectly fine too!

Day 15 “A Song That Calms You”


Although I myself am not Catholic or even of a Western religious persuasion I find the music of Hildegard Von Bingen immensely soothing (so much so that I sometimes listen to it while I meditate). I took Latin in school though I recognize only a handful of the actual words. I was very close to my maternal grandmother, she had a big part in raising me, and she was Catholic (her father was a Monsignor William J. McConnell http://www.strosebelmar.com/srb/Parish/About%20Us/Our%20History/). This reminds me of her, of her unconditional love and acceptance of me.