yggdrasil 2

I want to hunt inside of you

To lick the virgin flesh of

Your involuntary muscles

To taste those scars which

Compose your injured beauty


I want to feel the rhytym of

Your mind states, the delirious

Pulse of your luminous flirtations

To know those secrets to which

Only the soul is acquainted


I want to strip your architecture

To roll in the dirt of your heathen

Foundation, to grow inside of those

Blood-letting aqueducts like a root

I want to be your Yggdrasil


Day 11 Music Challenge “Your Favorite Duet”


While I am not generally big of duets this one is a match made in heaven. I love both artists so maybe I started out with a bias but I have seen a lot of duets go awry even among talented performers but this, this totally works!


I have another one Björk and Thom Yorke, Thom way to go on nailing duets!