Carbon Noise Poetry


I have done it again muhahaha


Snippets About Self



My eyes are heavy

Wishing stones fruitlessly cast

In a barren well



The earth does not bear

My polar revolutions

A warped gyroscope

A dance of self-destruction

Eternally spiraling



Gravity stifles

I’m a terminal impulse

Bound for Parnassus



I never thought myself beautiful,

Only unwanted. You’ll abandon

Me eventually, it’s as inevitable as

Breathing. How could I condemn

You for the instinct to survive?



I don’t commit great evils only

Small ones with great frequency



My soul is too small

I hear it shifting inside

Like phantasmal chains



I am not free inside this heart

That smells of cinders, the

Soldering iron application of

False Gods to a naked witness

I wanted so much to believe

I wore the woolen cassock

Over my head like a widow’s

Veil, I tattooed scriptures

Into my bones so that my

Blood runneth over black and

Righteous. I tried to make

Myself beautiful through the

Application of paint rather

Than the acceptance of self

And in end I became a monster


Voltaic birds falling mid-migration

Into the crevice of some unknown

Latitude where I cannot retrieve

Them even upon retracing their

Precise trajectory. My thoughts do

Not arrive on time, they succomb

Invariably to the weather


While Isadora was playing in the park I was just scribbling nonsense in my notebook. I am in that low self-esteem funk again

Day 10 Music Challenge “A song with exceptional lyrics”


I know I just posted two David Usher songs but this man is a phenomenal lyricist. While I like the lyrics of countless others artists part of the charm is in how the lyrics are performed with David I actually read his lyrics as I would a book of poetry. l I would love to write this beautifully

St Lawrence River

Smells on the air
See there it’s crushing the final impression
The stains on the paper
Where words fell like water
Unearth all the changes that never did matter
I think it’s beginning to freeze here

Caught in the rage and the fire of things
All the brightness that burns me
I’m fumbling through like a child in the dark
When the nakedness comes
I am shocked by the colour the glorious weight of your skin
Comes alive
And I never thought we’d make it back so soon
Might be nice
But I knew you’d be your own destroyer
Comes a time
And I always thought I’d make it up to you

Here please forgive me
Could we escape all the bitterness piled upon bitterness
Held in the face of the things that I don’t understand
Intellectualize over and over
This helplessness suits us
Funny how quiet has slipped to our corners
Worn all our edges away
You are watching breathing and baiting
Wanting and warming and cautiously waiting
For some simple signal to creep cross your conscience
Uncover redemption and oh did I mention
I carried you down to the St. Lawrence River
The banks running dirty the water’s beginning to freeze here
Solid by morning
And I’ll freeze here
Winter by morning

Comes a lie
And I never thought you’d get me back so soon
Might be nice
But it’s only if my own destroyer
Comes alive
And I always knew I’d make it up to you

I saw on your face such a curious grin
As I let go your hand
I was desperate to hold you again
But you’re sinking so deep in the water
Outsmarted myself and so easily gave up what I wanted
Solid by morning
What I wanted
Winter by morning

Comes alive
And I never thought you’d make it up so soon
Night be nice
But I always knew you’re my destroyer
Comes a time
And I always thought I’d make it up to you

Solid by morning
And I’ll freeze here
Winter by morning