Yard Sale

photo0703Photograph by: Howanxious

Your covetous hands undress

My possessions with creased

Dollar bills. A callous scythe

An arbitrary ellipse, you have

No regard for my anachronistic

Sentimentality. It’s been two

Years, time to scrub the chalk

From the hardwood floors


There goes my spleen plucked from

A backless picture frame and there

Lies my inky heart tucked into the

Sensational headlines of a failed

Marriage. Inside that shoe box a

Pair of testicles, never been used. Had

They been, perhaps I wouldn’t be sitting

Here knitting sweaters for all the unborn

Children imprinted inside my sterile womb


Swinging from my neck a fiend’s tongue

Noose, words exchanged, blighted by

Expletives and expectations of psychic

Servitude, turns out that two incompletes

Impoverish exponentially. Turns out that

I was not the mistress of his moonlit

Engagements, that honor I’m afraid

Goes to my sneak thieving sister


You’ll find me piecemeal in every

Purchase, a torn fingernail, a raven

Hair pinched off rootless, a failed

Leukocyte. Sometimes we shatter

And for a dime you can cash in on

My sideshow holocaust, better

Still take it all free of charge


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Day 24 “A Song You Dislike”


My hearing is not all that great, unfortunately my greatest weakness is in the mid-range! In the low range my hearing is very good and I tend to find deep voices both soothing and easy to understand. In the upper range my hearing is pretty good, I can hear the high-pitched sounds emanating from plugged in electrical devices but I do not find it pleasant! I almost never like male singers with high-pitched voices and the BeeGees are the worst offenders! I know some of you can’t understand how I could listen to something I dislike but circumstances are such that we are sometimes forced to endure. The BeeGees are pretty popular their songs are in a lot of movies and they do sometimes come on the radio and believe it or not I do not have complete control over every environment. I am not going to fast-forward through a movie and miss a chunk just because one of their songs pops up in the soundtrack and I am not going to bludgeon to death the manager of a store for airing it nor am I going to flee in terror mid-grocery shop lest I be exposed to something momentarily unpleasant. I also don’t typically change radio stations in other people’s cars or in other people’s houses. I am just baffled when someone says they never listen to something they dislike. Do they carry earplugs? How do you avoid unpleasant sounds, sights, experiences? I refuse to go around listening to an IPOD day in and day out, when I go outside I want to hear and experience the world around me. My sanctuary is at home with my family, outside of that throw me to the wolves. I will even endure the BeeGees if it means getting out of my shell for a little while. I am the sort to try a food multiple times even if I initially dislike it. By trying a food in different ways, at different times during the course of my life it is not uncommon for me to develop a genuine love/appreciation for what was once an intense disapproval. I hated avocados everything about them but my husband used them in a salad one day and suddenly they were delicious. People who are talented are such because they worked their asses off, make no mistake about it so just because I try something once and I suck at it (which is always the case) does that mean I should give up? That’s not my thing I wasn’t an instantaneous genius, got to find my natural talent. Natural talent is bullshit love, passion, hard-work, practice, devotion that is the real deal. We even have to do things we find unpleasant, I never liked changing diapers but I changed more diapers than I can count when Isadora was a baby.


If a thing is not unhealthy (like drugs) what is wrong with trying it out a few times? Getting a feel for it? What is wrong with failure? Sucking it up sometimes? We are meant to be opposed, to be challenged, to be unsettled. Peace is not mastery of the external environment, it is not the acquisition of psychopathy. I am tired of hearing people whine about I hate this or that so I refuse. I do not want my friends to have nothing but similarities either, I love the differences. I have watched entire animes that had no initial interest in because it was a friend’s favorite and sometimes I end up loving it myself, sometimes I don’t but I don’t regret having taken the time to embrace another human being. I am wound up right now haha I just hate the whining, the excessive need to control and anesthetize, I don’t understand why the fuck we need to psychically institutionalize ourselves. Why do we have to be entertained every minute of everyday? Placated? Stroked? How long are we going to masturbate our egos? Its messed up I am going to listen to the BeeGees now because I hate them and I am okay with that. I recommend everyone go out and do something you think will be unpleasant and try and fucking see the positives in it, the learning potential. I am petrified of heights, I got in a sky-lift at the zoo just the other day and even though I was about to wet my pants it was fun and the view was beautiful. I would have never seen that view from the ground. Fly bastards! Fly!