2 Nonets (Doll, Starve)



Your misshapen fingers slide apart

My ribs search the whispering pulse

For philosophies unkept

Invasive, your desire

To vilify me

To remake me






His rubber tongue wraps around her throat

A language of gross distortions

Of post-coital promises

Sensible to no one

Except the dreamer

She wants for love

He wants sex

Both hearts



Day 5 Music Challenge “A song that inspires you”


When I think “inspire” I think of it as an invocation to write. This song makes me want to dig inside my own bowels and create grotesque poetry, poetry that exposes my inner nature, poetry that exposes the monsters I tend, poetry that exposes the diseases I cater. Some of the music I love isn’t conducive to writing, I need to be able to feel the music without fully hearing it, to know it in my bones and not be swept into a catchy distracting chorus. This song has the perfect ambiance in many respects, it has visceral pain, darkness and the grit that my mutilated muse thrives on.

(I realize I skipped one and I am way off lol)