Macabre Metamorphosis (warning)


Eyes like overturned Jack-o-lanterns

Lids peeling backwards, hysterical

As a fish mutely mouthing oxygen

Lips as thin as a Butcher’s wire drawn

Back in a panicked snarl over anemic

Gums and teeth nested like a bear trap.

Sebaceous flesh riddled with detaching

Pustules, raw as a hyde-stripped deer

Or an amateurishly applied Hellraiser

Visage peeling, dripping downward,

This face as sobering as a suicide


Impish limbs spindling, delicate jutting

From tumescent core, the tide-battered

Body of a week old surfer, a fruit pregnant

With decay and ethylene, a fleshless spine

Curved outward like a child-bearing hip

Fingers like the black arthritic roots of an

Oxidized tree, nails pulled free at the seams

Vulnerable beds like unprepared livers, sick

Toxic emanations as subtle as sewage

From intestines grotesquely exposed


Such was the vision I found upon waking

No memories forthcoming to clarify the

Acquisition of this cadaverous mantle, no

Means of extraction, unzipping the costume

Surely worn. Thankfully numb a static wire of

Prickling infestation as if ants were being

Fired across my synapse in a futuristic hive


Blinds crashing sharply, locks sinking into

Metal pockets, telephones dismantled entirely

Clothes indistinguishable from flesh, left

On for a skeleton-stripping shower, bleached

Bones surely an improvement to this crucible

Of repugnant human soup offensively sloshing


I chose a significantly less disgusting image because well I didn’t want to see this lol I was still manic when I wrote this


Day 3 Music Challenge “A song that describes your ideal mate”


This is one of those questions that leaves my mind spinning in ineffective neural cartwheels. I have been scouring the internet and my CD collection (yes I have one) for a song that suits me but it seems like a lost cause. I chose this song because it’s absurd and humor/silliness is such a big part of my relationship with Sam.

“No house to hide inside, Your house, your house, your house I will explore Your cold marble floors and secret doors, The fine lines of your architecture, And if you need me, I’ll come and see thee, and be your visitor, We’ll play kissy kissy and have a baby and figure out, What we live for” <—– Sam and I always sing along to this part

So what do I want since this probably didn’t provide a helpful answer
Intelligence (which this song didn’t imply haha) Sam is insanely smart with an intense love of learning. I have never met such an inquisitive human being, my 5 year old doesn’t ask as many questions haha. If you ask him a question, expect questions until you narrow it down real specific (this drives me nuts actually) and than bam an absolutely genius answer. He makes the world magical and he is one of those people whom you can ask the impossible of and he’ll figure out how to make it happen.

Speaking of which Sam is generous, he loves helping people. He bakes things and makes gifts and he doesn’t do favors with expectations for recompense.

We are not exactly like each other though in many ways we are opposite which I actually think is positive because then he challenges and excites me too. We do have similarities for some reason our decorative tastes are quite similar maybe because I don’t have particularly feminine tastes lol Deciding to have our daughter was easy, we both knew, deciding to have just one child was easy. We are different creatively but both creative, we are both romantic saps, we like similar but not all the same music and movies, we both eat too much candy lol He is very logical, I am more intuitive, he is very OCD I am more ODD that one is a tough one! Yet we need that stubbornness in fact weirdly I like stubbornness I know not many people wish for a stubborn mate but I do and if we both weren’t stubborn there is no way we would have survived the odds against us. He has this rebellious streak, but a very clever nonviolent diplomatic compassionate flavor rebellious streak that I adore. He treats people with respect but doesn’t kiss ass. He’s himself you know? That is the main thing.

Did I mention he is an amazing cook and obsessed with orgasms (not his but mine)