Misery published in 2nd issue of The Trophat Raven


Bijou was published in The Drabble


My short story Midas Eye was published at Mad Swirl

Midas Eye

An Alterable Void

Available at Lulu


And Amazon



13 thoughts on “Published Works

    1. The book I published is a collection of my freestyle poetry. In my about page I explain the concept behind the name Mind love misery. Mind- philosophy, psychology, mental illness, society Love- loss, unrequited, infatuations and obsessions, sex, true love, new love, relationships of all sorts both dysfunctional and sublime Misery- childhood trauma, Depression, living with PTSD, the search for meaning, loneliness, spiritual dilemmas grief, social ineptitude my book is broken up in 3 sections to play into that title. It is my first book, officially. I created another book when I was younger that my husband handmade but it was not available for sale. I am working on a second, I have the material but it takes me a while to work up the nerve.

      1. I wish you the best of success with your new book… when you do it… If you would like to interview and talk about the one you’re working on, let me know. 🙂

  1. Don’t hesitate publish that second book. I started publishing on LULU and didn’t stop. Now I’m on to CreateSpace/amazon. It’s nice when the occasional book is purchased and ends up in someone’s hands. But beyond that it’s the joy of the process. Mi esposa works on the covers and has fun doing it. I can’t purchase many books from the states as shipping to Mexico is expensive and time consuming so the blogs fit my budget. Thanks for your visit and I hope you will enjoy my first novel.

    1. I have a big portion of the 2nd book done, it is the rereading each poem over and over to make sure it is ready that I find a challenge. Obviously my favorite bit is writing the poems. Oloriel has made the cover for my first book and I have the cover for my 2nd as well she is very talented and I am very grateful to her. I made a small profit on my first book but I used that profit to support a poetry magazine.

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