This week it is a music prompt but I am taking away a little bit of your freedom as I am choosing the artist lol Always an excuse to inflict my musical proclivities onto a defenseless audience. Seriously though Jeff Buckley is amazing! One of my favorite artists of all time and I have a compulsive need to share. I have chosen 4 songs for you to pick from that way you’re not totally tied down. The songs are only to inspire you, take from them as you will (you do not need to copy his style or write a tribute piece or anything just listen to the song and create freely). You do not have to write a song unless of course you want to write a song poetry, stories, photos, artwork, articles anything is fine. You do not need to post an audio/video link to the song of your choice but do let me know which of the songs you chose for your inspiration. If you want you can write a piece for each song or multiple pieces you know I am not very restrictive lol I made sure the songs all came with lyrics because I know writers must have their lyrics!

Lilac Wine (lyrics are under the video)

Forget Her

So real (lyrics underneath)

Morning Theft

And good old Mr. Linky


36 thoughts on “Prompt 14 “The music of…”

  1. OMG His version of Lilac Wine is one of my FAVORITES!!!!!! I mean seriously I jumped when I saw that was the first choice. I didn’t even read the entire prompt yet after I saw his name, I scanned for song options. I actually painted something to that song. WOOHOO

  2. My Computer Is Down Again. When I Go Through My Blogger App On My Phone This Is What My Replies Look Like. So. Very. Frustrating. I Should Be Back Online By The End Of The Week, If I Don’t Figure Out A Less Weird Way To Use My Phone First. Thank You For Letting Me Know About The Prompt. I Still Get To ReaD The Posts.

  3. While exploring Jeff Buckley’s music, I read a title that inspired my poem, “The Sky Is a Landfill.” Totally different interpretation than his song, but I loved the idea!

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