Why is apathy so damn sexy?

A tantric smile, a nose nudging

Suggestively at Orion’s belt, eyes

Buttoned-closed. Why do you love

Her? She who does not burn, she

Who is nothing but skin and bones

Painted in a slick, disingenuous lacquer


Circling Venus my heart hungers

For the gravity of your expectations

I would dilute the poisonous air of

Your manufactured aesthete, love in

3D is better than paper measurements

And Vaseline-propelled masturbation

I have empathetic hands and lips to ravage

Your wildest dreams. I have breasts and

Hips that willingly nurture. She has jaws

That lock on entreaty and veins that slide

Away like dessert-dwelling serpents


She has her frigid fingers wrapped

Around your wallet, thighs parted

For mannequins only and just what

Do you gainΒ  by possessing her, a

Trophy for the ego? A sadistic boot

Snuffing out the light of your

Masochistic virility? I would love

You in every room in every weather

Governed by a vacillating moon, I am

Beautiful even without clothes in the

Light of a reciprocating smile, she is

A strip of cured leather aging you both

Exponentially, substance-less and tedious

In the act of conversation, she will never

Make you laugh, never challenge your

Intellect, never last no matter how much

You invest in her maintenance. She will

Never have a life that is hers to make

Never support, never give, only take


I used Barbie because I didn’t want to judge a girl, that I don’t know, as being fake. This is fictional I was just having fun truth be known I haven’t met too many superficial men I think maybe because a superficial man would never talk to me to begin with lol I am married to a nice highly intelligent shy guy, I was married at 19. So I do not know much about the travails of superficiality or modern dating thank God.


32 thoughts on “Plastic Aphrodite

  1. It always amazes me when seemingly intelligent guys chase after females who seem to be incredibly flaky but very pretty. I have to use the word “seem” because they could just be really good actors and then I would feel bad. Love the poem! πŸ™‚

    1. You never know I imagine though some girls do put on an act, love is hard and complicated, everyone wants to be loved and lots of people don’t know their worth so I can see them downplaying their intelligence

  2. You pritty much summed up how I see it as well, and the expiriences too (I married at 20, as a virgin), only that I do not think it is an act in most cases. It is always easier not to think then to think πŸ™‚
    The poem was thriving on your trademark breathtaking imagery, that easily knocks everyone down .

      1. It’s not just scary, it’s unfair as well. I have had problems befriending females since forever, no girl would ever seem to like me as I am, it always had to be some modified behaviour and a plethora of precious things to give, I even now get sad at times because I don’t have a single female friend here at this city that I can talk to, or drink tea or eat icecream at -20 or just not have to play pretend or give constant effort to just be liked as a friend.
        Imagine that we for example went to highschool together at 16 or something, so many stories would be different, the bad ones and even if not at least I would have some good ones to share instead of these pathetic ones I got now.

      2. It is unfair I have never had an easy time making female friends either as you can imagine and I can’t even say what I am doing wrong because they tend to just disappear, no hostilities just poof suddenly they aren’t apart of my life and they moved on. I am the loyal sort so I never forget them. I have to push myself to do things that I would usually do but I have social phobia so I need to push myself and to some degree it is good a thing but I have pushed myself too hard and ended up not recognizing myself and not liking the changes. If you don’t understand the social behaviors trying to copy them can back fire I found out! I can be me with hubbie, I would like to be me with a friend too weird little me. It would have been awesome if we went to school together =)

      3. Yeah,same story here, no hostilities, they just dissapear and it’s like I never even existed!
        I tried the blend in thing, but some things were just too disgusting for me to even try it seriously (like sharing boyfriends, which as you probubly know was never my cup of tea). There is a worse thing the dissapearing that they do to me nowadays, its the Yeah, we are friends, but I’ll never pick up the phone when you call, but if I see you on the street i’ll be like “OMG, so nice to see you,why you never call me? We should totally catch up”… riiiight -_-

      4. I can relate to that and I have never understood it, I dread going into the city sometimes because I am afraid of running into that situation. I would never share boyfriends, I had to be super sure that my friends weren’t interested in the guy before I would even consider talking to them. I didn’t even talk to my friend’s boyfriends other than bare minimum of politeness. I just don’t want that kind of drama

  3. She has jaws

    That lock on entreaty and veins that slide

    Away like dessert-dwelling serpents…well that made me cringe…smiles…it is probably for the better you dont know these men, they are surely out there…as are the women you describe as well…

  4. My aunts belong to the ‘barbie type’. For years they always had superficial men who ‘loved’ and took care of them. When they reached a certain age, though, these men walked away one by one and chose younger women. In general, this is the kind of life that most barbie-typed women in the world live. Yet I still see lots of them around.

    1. I don’t understand it. My mom is 28 years younger than my stepdad (she is no Barbie mind you) but in th beginning there was a lot of judgement, his adult children had issues as well but they really truly love one another. My mom has never been so happy and she has made so many positive changes, no one judges now.

  5. Well, I think what happened to your mom was ‘normal’. That’s how our society is. They can say anything, but as long as your mom and your stepdad love each other, they better keep their mouth shut. (I myself once had a girlfriend 17 years older than me lol. I’m the kind of person who does things everybody says wrong, so I didn’t give a shit about what people said at the time.) But actually, what are we talking about now, M? haha

    1. Who knows what my mind is doing right now, I think it is up to something on the sly πŸ˜› I don’t worry about age so long as it is two consenting adults or they are both young. I go my own way as well. I met my husband online after 3 days of chatting he decided to visit me (we lived in different countries US Sweden) and I remember telling my mom because I was a teenager and not yet for college that a boy I met online was coming to stay with us for 2 weeks. I remember her in the apartment if he is an old man I am going to kill him but he was my age and she thought he was very nice. Later I left college to live with him overseas my mom paid and then we came back to the states and when he proposed she arranged our entire wedding in less than a week

  6. Wow I can make a novel about it lol. You got a love story everybody wants to experience. I’m not very lucky on love. That’s why my poems are like that haha…

    1. Well I knew what I didn’t want lol I had my dad which taught me clearly what a misogynist psychopath looks like and when I was 12 I had my bad boy phase and liked the popular boy and that was a very tumultuous 2 years (weirdly he became obsessed to this day I don’t understand it). After that I knew very clearly I wanted a nice boy, a nice eccentric, intelligent sort and that is what I found. Usually we get what we ask for but usually we ask for the wrong things. Once your actions, thoughts. and words line up it works

  7. Maybe it’s just that my heart is never set to find one steady girl. I am 27. I want things, actually just a few things (one of which is have my book published), and I haven’t got any. I recently got a publisher, but after that I want to move to another country (I don’t like it here), and next year I’ll probably become a UN volunteer. But why am I saying all this? Haha… It’s 2.30 PM here now, M, and I haven’t slept since yesterday.

    1. Oh my! You should sleep! Nothing wrong with pursuing your dreams =) A publisher congrats! I still haven’t figured out how to do that, i have yet to find a publishing house that accepts poetry so I haven’t submitted anything yet

  8. It wouldn’t be a problem for you. You write amazing poetry and it’s true. I’m not saying it to make you happy. But I don’t know how the book industry is there. I live in Indonesia. Here it’s next to impossible for a new writer to have a poetry book published, especially by major publishers.

    Book industry here sucks, you know. The publisher that liked my manuscript, it wasn’t the first one. The editors of the previous publishers, though, said that my story didn’t have any market, so they invited me to their office, bought me some coffee, and requested a teenlit novel which was guaranteed to be published. Wtf, I thought.

    Now I’m thinking about writing my story in English and posting it in my blog in maybe 40-50 installments. I want to see the reaction that the story (that they said doesn’t have any market) will get. But maybe I’m just emotional and in terrible need of sleep. Sorry for this very long comment, M. I think I’m gonna sleep now.

    1. I am in Sweden now and as I don’t write in or really even speak in Swedish it seems like it could be complicated. Crime novels are huge! They dominate the market totally I haven’t even seen poetry in the bookstore! They have some poetry in the English section of the library but not much. Some heavy metal musicians have shown interest in my darker poetry because heavy metal is huge lol I was going to try to get published in an American or British publishing house but I couldn’t go to see them physically so I have no idea how that works even. Can it be done online I don’t know. My searches have not turned up any positive results on the poetry front and I don’t have the discipline for a novel. This topic makes me emotional too it is so sad to think about what the sorts of things people are now reading, if they read at all. Why is poetry dying? I just don’t know. Do sleep don’t worry about commenting right away, whenever is fine I am in no hurry. Teenlit “shudders”. I would love to read your novel =)

  9. I just love your writing as as someone who has know some of these shallow men and vapid women you did a great job descrining them without the “pleasure” of knowing them πŸ™‚

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