Plastic Aphrodite


Why is apathy so damn sexy?

A tantric smile, a nose nudging

Suggestively at Orion’s belt, eyes

Buttoned-closed. Why do you love

Her? She who does not burn, she

Who is nothing but skin and bones

Painted in a slick, disingenuous lacquer


Circling Venus my heart hungers

For the gravity of your expectations

I would dilute the poisonous air of

Your manufactured aesthete, love in

3D is better than paper measurements

And Vaseline-propelled masturbation

I have empathetic hands and lips to ravage

Your wildest dreams. I have breasts and

Hips that willingly nurture. She has jaws

That lock on entreaty and veins that slide

Away like dessert-dwelling serpents


She has her frigid fingers wrapped

Around your wallet, thighs parted

For mannequins only and just what

Do you gainĀ  by possessing her, a

Trophy for the ego? A sadistic boot

Snuffing out the light of your

Masochistic virility? I would love

You in every room in every weather

Governed by a vacillating moon, I am

Beautiful even without clothes in the

Light of a reciprocating smile, she is

A strip of cured leather aging you both

Exponentially, substance-less and tedious

In the act of conversation, she will never

Make you laugh, never challenge your

Intellect, never last no matter how much

You invest in her maintenance. She will

Never have a life that is hers to make

Never support, never give, only take


I used Barbie because I didn’t want to judge a girl, that I don’t know, as being fake. This is fictional I was just having fun truth be known I haven’t met too many superficial men I think maybe because a superficial man would never talk to me to begin with lol I am married to a nice highly intelligent shy guy, I was married at 19. So I do not know much about the travails of superficiality or modern dating thank God.