Painting Juliette

Out loud in the dark you’re a beast

Raging against a mental cell, a

Carnivore slithering into blue

Hematic wells, drinking of me like

A parasite, an unwanted child brutally

Armoured.  I cannot afford the price

Of disbelief, eyes closed, I hope love

Will come in time to save,  if indeed

Anything of me still remains


Slip away when your murder is

Traceless and there is no DNA

Left to tell, only a husk, faintly

Human. My God she could have

Been anyone except me, I’d never

Let a man strip my neurons apart

With his teeth, masticate the very

Belief upon which I am founded

I am strong, intelligent, different

These scars bare no disfigurement

Accidents with a plausible excuse


Yet above her I stand adrift in a

Shapeless mourning, how pitiful

That smile when weighed upon

By the horror of those unblinking

Eyes and that face that I have applied

With such care, swollen beyond

Repair, my face as I have abhorred

It, my dishonest face in denial, broken


this is fictional


Day 4 Music Challenge “A song that you exercise to”


As I have mentioned I exercise A LOT! I really don’t listen to music when exercising unless I am dancing or running on a treadmill (which is horrifically boring without music). I don’t actually enjoy running so I need the music to be distracting. Jeff Martin (the lead of The Tea Party) has one of those amazing voices you rarely encounter. He has perfect pitch and a nice deep voice so if you haven’t heard him sing give the video a listen.