The burlesque sky fades to a

Censured black at the height

Of exposure, words meaningless

On contact. Your breath is hungry,

Implicit, fireless without oxygen

You mean to devour. Your mouth falls

Over mine like a blanket. My scorched

Smile trembles. In your presence my

Lungs ache, stricken by the intensity of

Your marrow-stripping eyes. I love the

Way you diminish me, the way you reduce

Me to volcanic ash, your fingertips spark,

Incite the growl of a primordial awakening,


I am organic, you are spurious, a

Haunting distortion of all that is

Human or humane, you possess me,

Drink the rose from my flesh, leave

Me pale and wasted, you’re volatile

And elusive, I watch you extract

Milk from the mercy of our joined

Souls, pure and white like forgiveness


You slide the grievous flesh away, we’re

Deeper than pretense, deeper than a

Conscientiously arranged corporeal

Syllabary, more abstract than beauty

I like the way you suffocate me, deny,

Through excessive generosity, overrun

My neural highways with your wild lilac

Eccentricities. In your stratosphere, I am

Inching ever closer to ignition, ever closer

To those stars, those muses whose selfless

Sacrifices originate me, you connect me to

That which I would deny, to a world not

Carried on my slopping shoulders, to a world

Not bound or barred by self-hatred. Some

Days I catch myself awake, a wind-adorned

Thistle healing within and without, I touch

The world that you have laid before me naked

And imperfect, the curious evolution of my pain,

Of my seismic denial, sliding into my eager

Mouth like a communion wafer, love tastes like

Nothing, like air, like freedom, spacious, you fill me


Lots of seizures lately which means I am not writing with the use of my brain. I am just plucking debris from outer-space!

I did a reading (the vacuum cleaner sound is only my laptop struggling) I am so tired I probably sound like I am partially stoned lol



32 thoughts on “Milk Thistle

  1. So beautiful…and this is the first time I’ve heard you read… lovely 🙂

    P.S. If this was written without the use of your brain…what chance do we mere mortals have to compare?

    1. I think my brain just gets in the way sometimes what with all those bothersome thoughts lol You are so sweet Melanie your poetry is AMAZING and an inspiration to me to push myself harder

  2. Beautiful poem, the last few lines in particular are quite glorious…they take the reader to some ‘other place’ beyond normal, everyday thought…lovely! 🙂

  3. I am familiar with the debris thing, at times I will read the stuff I wrote and be like “This, from where and how?”. I loved this part:” I love the

    Way you diminish me, the way you reduce

    Me to volcanic ash, your fingertips spark,

    Incite the growl of a primordial awakening,”

  4. sorry you are having so many seizures again…i like that communion bit there in the end, the tasting of nothing and filling, the blanket and the scorched smiles….the diminish me…some cool debris you got there…ha…nice reading too…

  5. I am not joyed to hear of your seizures, but you writing suffers little for it. “I like the way you suffocate me!’ Wow, indeed love sometimes feels that way, when it is in ebb, when the sea of passion recedes and we are left facing a life perceived in isolation. Once again, excellent writing!

  6. This is exquisite writing – I would love to quote the lines I love but they are too many. What I really relate to is the submission of self to another, and how that release of ego allows for a greater measure of passionate connection.

  7. I love the way you diminish me, the way you reduce
    Me to volcanic ash, your fingertips spark,
    Incite the growl of a primordial awakening,

    Beautiful word craft. There’re many more but the above is perfect in imagery build-up. Nicely mlm


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