Mindlovemisery reflects the subjects most extensively explored in my poetry. Mind- philosophy, psychology, mental illness, society  Love- loss, unrequited, infatuations and obsessions, sex, true love, new love, relationships of all sorts both dysfunctional and sublime Misery- childhood trauma/PTSD, Depression, Disassociative Disorder, the search for meaning, loneliness, spiritual dilemmas grief, social ineptitude etc.

I was a rather peculiar child (if you have read my poetry I am sure you can imagine!) and so I taught myself very early on to read and read everything I could get my hands on romance novels, text books, manuals, porn mags, newspapers, dictionaries, adult fiction, adult non fiction, biographies, mythology, fairy tales, cereal boxes if I could find it I would read it.

Speaking of my peculiarities I used to visit strangers homes and listen to them talk for hours in an effort to better understand human nature (my own nature and feelings). I also used to go on horrendously long walks from dawn to dusk as a child. I didn’t really start writing until it became increasingly part of my school curriculum, until then I acted out all the stories in my head. My first influences were Sylvia Plath, Arthur Rimbaud, and Oscar Wilde (though his influence is not seen so much in my work). Jim Carroll is another influence on my work though he came significantly later he is incredibly important. Once I started writing I realized how intrinsic it was to my nature. Being devastatingly shy writing has given me a voice, a means of coherently expressing myself.

In school I continued my vicious pursuit of the nature of man and studied psychology, philosophy, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, religion anything that had to do with the mind, body, or spirit.  Aside from poetry I am very physically active I dance, weight-lift, do yoga and Pilates, and various other types of cardiovascular activities.  I also watch an obscene amount of documentaries, medical programs, anime and biographies, enjoy the very occasional video game, and eat a lot hence the need for so much exercise!




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    1. your profile is exquisite. very similar to my own. hence, we cant write unless we live. sounds cliche, sorry, but oh, so true. i hope to read more of your work and doppelganger with you, hehhe

    1. I have wracked my mind on the about section, I am hoping to post a little bio but I find it challenging to condense myself into a paragraph lol

  1. HAHAHA! You write a poetic dissertation about yourself (true or false?) and cannot muster enough few words for an “ABOUT” profile! That IS FUN-NEE!

    For one thing, you must live in England, you are 4 hours ahead of Naples, Florida….

  2. Came looking for more clues of who you are after seeing the smultrondryck container and guessing (correctly, as it would seem) that we are in the same country… *smile* Enjoy reading your stuff! Keep it up!

  3. You are an absolute inspiration! I feel like a gurgling amateur in front of you….keep writing pls.

    Experience, Emote and Express. This is life indeed…


    1. Awww wow thank you that is incredibly sweet of you. I will keep writing and you as well. Your a beautiful writer not an amateur at all, a true poet =)

  4. This was the best “About me” page I have seen. Love your humor. I receive your posts in my email and enjoy each one!

  5. I hope this isn’t too personal of a question, but what made you move to Sweden? I’m always so interested in folks who pick up and ship out of the United States – a little fantasy of mine, I think.

  6. I loved your profile page and really enjoy reading your poetry. I haven’t read them all. I like to read and let it linger, let my taste buds feel it…
    I am looking forward to read more.

  7. I’m calling in to say a belated thank you for commenting on ‘Canna’. I’m pleased I did; I’ve just read ‘Sullen’. You are a fine poet – one with power in her voice.

  8. I saw that you posted on IceCream and Poetry. I had been wondering where you have been. Hope this finds you well and happy. Hoping you were just on a Summer break. Welcome back and hope to see more of your posting.

  9. I agree that About pages are too difficult. I do not have one either, but for me it is because Source of Inspiration is not about me. Still, there is a wonderful Chinese saying: I am sorry I wrote a long letter: I did not have time for a short one. Hugs, pat

  10. I like the work itself..we are revealed by our work…and maybe a bit later, a bit of info…a couple of “facts”!

  11. Sweden is a beautiful place and you narrate so very well!! 🙂 Thank you for the nomination but my blog is award free !! Sorry about that!!

  12. I feel like I’m in the right place. Looks like the path I’m on. Could be one of my shortcuts for the progress of my writings 😀 Very nice blog.

  13. You are welcome 🙂 yeah, in some time ago (a couple of years) it was just about Nirvana, my quiet place. But as I’m supposed to interact (as a human being) with a very peculiar society, my Nirvana birds (my words and thoughts) turned to furious dragons 😀 You’ll see that in my coming poems.
    I like the title of your blog too: logic’s engine (mind), mother of emotions(love), poet’s motivation (misery) that’s how I see it.

    1. I look forward to seeing your new work =) I try not to let the fact that my poems are now public alter the content, inspire certainly, but not alter, I do get painfully subconscious sometimes and sometimes I know when I post a certain thing that it might be too personal to translate but I want to keep that raw honesty I started with as much as possible. Sometimes I am surprised, to find people can relate even to some very internal/personal journeys. That is an accurate way to describe it for me especially since my work tends to be dark lol

  14. Don’t worry about me becoming altered by your writings (the atmosphere I’m living in has enough ‘alteration’ for me for a life time) 😀 Before jumping into conclusions about your poems tending to be dark, I saw honesty’s riding your clouds of darkness, a bizarre ‘paysage’ it could be but real. I’m not a ‘sky is blue and the roses are red or violet or whatever’ guy, I incline to write about what is hidden in this life and kept unseen which generally happens to be dark. Sometimes I fear, one of my ‘dark’ writings will raise hatred more than compassion so I add some jelly at the end of them lol so to me talking ‘dark’ can be an efficient way to master life and know the true value of the light which is becoming unseen in this world. Have a nice day 🙂

    1. I was talking about how in quantum physics being observed alters subject and by putting myself under public scrutiny I was worried I might become altered and lose my authenticity but I have tried really hard against that. I worry also that my writing might sometimes be too dark especially in regards to my childhood which was very disturbed and disturbing god knows I don’t have a lot of tact so its hard for me to write about it without retracting from what I felt but also not traumatizing my poor audience

  15. Ah! Got it 🙂 That’s one of the toughest roads on poetry land. As for traumatizing the audience, sometimes trauma gives you themes to write about. So whether the audience (mostly poets) finds the poems traumatizing or not, they’ll get off the blog with a smile or something to write about. “Life’s pain we’ve got scrape the joy out of it”.

  16. Found your about page when I was looking for a way to answer your question on my blog about a blog hop. I enjoyed reading and getting to know you! As well as, the explanation of your blog title. A blog hop, shows the links to all the people who post that week at the bottom of each participants blog. That way you can hop from blog to blog reading all the entries. Thanks for visiting at my blog. Looking forward to reading more of your work!

  17. We share a lot of the same interests and exercise. Will be by often. Adding you to my reading list. Thanks for being here.

  18. Thank you for your visit. I came to visit back and was utterly fascinated and challenged to submit to your Prompt 4 Music. Music has meant a lot to me all my life so I could not resist.

  19. Thank you so much for your visit to my blog. Your words about reading everything in your path, resonates completely. I visited Sweden many years ago, and still long to return. Perhaps you dream of travelling when you feel strong enough? I hope so much that you realise your dreams. Peace and love to you. Michele

    1. Thank you so much Michele, I wish you best the life has to offer =) Where in Sweden were you? I haven’t yet see Gothenburg and I would love to go! Of course I want to travel further but I thought I would start there. I live perhaps 2 1/2 hours or so from Stockholm

  20. For some life is a burden;.too heavy a load to carry and not worth the energy to make something of it. I’m so glad this lassitude is not part of your repertoire. Sometimes the more deeply life challenges us, the higher we rise. Perhaps I’ll recognize your boot-straps as they go flying on ahead!

  21. Love your blog mlm and so pleased your prompts are gaining ‘followers’ week by week! Off to read others entries now!

    And I agree with Berowne – you can write!

    Anna :o]

  22. Thanks to your love of words, you inspired me to sign up for a word a day email! I can only hope to have as rich a vocabulary as you someday!

  23. You have left a number of comments on one of my many blogs – “Haiku Songlines”! I had to find out who you were! And here I am! So far, I have spent an hour wandering your writings! I felt a kindred spirit when you mentioned in your profile that you were painfully shy as a young child and enjoyed long walks! That could be a profile of me too! I have linked you to my poetry blog “Veiled Songlines” so I can keep pace with your journey!

    Wonderful to meet you!


  24. You are so talented and I am glad to have met you. I pray that your ill health will be a thing of the past soon. May I know your real name so I can address you more intimately? 🙂

  25. Couldn’t find where to leave a msg for adding my link. On the blog roll You have me as Michael’s Layer. It should be “Lair” Thanks for the recognition.

  26. Thanks so much for your comment on Waving at Heaven. I’m so sorry your health is giving you a hard time right now, that must be difficult. Would you please email me at WildWoman2@shaw.ca, kiddo? I have something to ask you.

  27. I wonder why I haven’t liked your about page until just now. You won’t find many more interesting about pages than this in WP. Most of them are boring and lack of personality :p

      1. Thank you so much! I had created an About page once before and taking my time and then it vanished when I changed my theme and I had to do the damn thing again I am always worrying it will disappear lol

  28. Keep the rawness, authenticity in your poetic voice. I, too, was hesitant about how much of myself to “let go of.” The cyberverse allows for each person to decide how much of themselves to “reveal” or keep hidden.
    I found that the cyberverse has allowed me to explore “out loud” what is normally just noise in my head. Still write more there, than on paper or screen.
    So, this is a long way of saying — be who you want to be, who feels like you at any point in time. To paraphrase Richard Bauch (not quite exactly): “You are always free to chose a new future or a new past.”
    And, I was always the new kid in the class (we moved every year and a half or so), so my childhood doesn’t have a lot of fond memories, either.

    1. That is awful moving, I moved some but I still didn’t form bonds or relationships with my classmates. I am horribly anti-social. I am not just shy I am withdrawn. Thank you so much =)

      1. I’m a social dyslexic; I don’t form many friendships of a lasting nature even as an adult. I’m not sure how it works, so either I am too reticent, or I come on too strong. Sometimes, too, folks I thought I had some sort of a friendship with, will remove themselves from my life (without explanation or cause) which makes me sad. Sometimes I can figure out why, but other times, I just don’t know.
        The strange thing that although I’m not that good in social situations, my past lives put me into very public roles: educator, workshop planner and leader, public relations, event planning.
        The lonely, different, wanting to fit in child still lives inside me. No wonder I’ve a chronic depressive — she really doesn’t want to go, and she can sure put a negative spin on things!
        Ooops, I got carried away again. I tend to talk fast and more than I should! I write that way too.

    1. I can relate to this! I am the same way though lately I would say I have become increasingly disinterested. I used to get quite upset for my lack of friendships and then I had some friendships and they were wonderful they didn’t end badly as you said the just vanished and as much as I enjoyed and cherished those moments and I always will I realize I am actually pretty damn happy doing my own thing as well. I have been friendless and loving it for a couple of years now. I love going where my interests take me if I met people on my journey awesome if I have to go alone awesome. As shy as I am (and truly am) I have been a natural at public speaking. It doesn’t make any sense but when I have stood in front of a classroom even though I am petrified my mouth starts moving and people listen. I wonder if I did something with public speaking in a past life? How did you come to discover your past lives? I haven’t tried to discover mine yet but I am curious lol

      1. Sorry, I should explain my concept of past lives. My “past lives” are lives I lived/careers I had this time around. I had a serious of crises that made my chronic pain and depression much worse. Then, I had to be a caregiver to my mother.
        So, I can’t go back to the things I used to do — mental and physical issues had made that impossible. I call them my past lives because that’s how it feels. I’m not the person who did those things anymore for a variety of reasons, and I would like to have some of that me back, as impossible as that is. After my mother’s death, I thought I might get some of those lives back, but I didn’t.
        As to past lives, I’ve had some experiences (and precognition dreams) deja vu incidents that give me hints to whom I may have been in the past. I also believe in inherited memory. If we share our family genes, why not a bit of their memories too.
        I am an only child, encouraged to be independent, so being alone isn’t all that strange or unusual. I used to enjoy it. Right now, I feel isolated. Although I have met folks on line, I don’t have anyone to go and have a coffee with. That’s what I miss — this “forced” aloneness feels like I’m in exile.

      2. I understand what you mean now. May ask about your chronic pain? My husband has chronic pain as well since childhood. Medication is completely ineffective, he needs massive quantities of general anesthesia and 2 out of his 3 surgeries he woke up during and spoke to the doctor. He has a headaches daily migraines regularly, and intense joint pain. He suffers no inflammation and doesn’t even have a normal inflammatory response so he doesn’t tend to swell or redden when others would. He has 2 types of scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, hypermobile joints that jump out of place constantly. Even his atlas which should not move rotates dangerously causing excruciating pain. He has severe digestive issues and goes to the bathroom at least 5 times but often more. He has very little interest in food, cavities like crazy even though he cares for his teeth very well. At any given time he will have at least 3 herniated disks. He is also severely Depressed. I have been desperate to find out more, to figure out what is wrong, the doctors have been no help. His pain threshold because of all this pain is very high so like a tattoo just tickles there is zero pain even over bone. Does this sound at all like you? What do you have? Does anything help your pain? Carrot juice is about the best food for him it seems but it certainly doesn’t vanquish it. He has never had a pain free day in his entire life. He was born with spots all over, he only has some now by his ears.

  29. PPS: I think it might be “different” instead of “new;” had the quote on my blog for ages so you’d think I’d remember it, lol.

  30. Didn’t want to put this on “my” blog… but YES, there is a new “woman” in my life, and she is just plain wonderful….

      1. btw your blog on your top 10 blogs… Thank you for posting that. I haven’t had much time to be on wordpress for the last few months and last night I went and checked out those blogs. They were all amazing. Extremely amazing. I have problems accessing the blogspot ones but you gave me some great works to read. Thank you for that.

  31. I want to say I SO appreciate you stopping by Slingshot and reading about Celeste’s adventures and not only reading the early post, but going back to where it began! I thank you and may sunlight always lighten your path of travel! 🙂

      1. Play pardon on the beginning because I had never blogged before, so I was learning and in the process later on I was able to strengthen my storytelling! Hope you like the story!~

  32. Hello and many thanks for finding the time to visit “beeseeker” and for following.
    Sorry not to have been in touch sooner, but I have been on holiday.
    My body seems to be at home, but my head is still somewhere between there and here.
    Best wishes.

  33. Great to read your about section…!
    Inspiring your poetry and hopefully you are too… 😉
    Found a lot about persons in his/her posted images as you post a lot amazing pics etc…!
    Keep it up…!
    cheers buddy…!

      1. That art work is my collections and thoughts reflections..not my personal work…!
        Thanks you toooo…. !
        B Happy..

  34. I find this ‘about’ very moving, and you say a lot in a short space – as does your poetry. I enjoyed the image of a child going on long walks, and I’m impressed by all the physical exercise you do! I know I should do more, because I’m a very heady/thinky person, and expressing myself physically doesn’t come as easily to me, though I know it’s a necessary balance. I’m glad I read this…Blessings on your day:-) Harula xxx

    1. Thank you Harula =) I am not naturally athletic in fact I am ridiculously uncoordinated. I wasn’t picked last in sports I was made to walk instead. My PE teachers would not allow me to play because I could not be taught even the most basic principles. I would hold my hands up to catch only after the ball had passed by. I exercise so much to strengthen what is a major weakness. Without yoga my body gets to stiff and weird I can’t move normally. I have no understanding of my body whatever so exercise for me is a necessary rehabilitation. Years and years of diligent practice I have come a long way but I noticed I quickly lose skills if I don’t practice.

      1. I truly admire your perseverance, dedication and awareness…I find your reply to my comment both humbling and inspiring – thank you:-) I believe I need to borrow a few leaves from your book….Blessings, Harula xxxxx

      2. Awww thank you Harula I started with yoga at 12 I loved it and still do it. Over the years I have really come to enjoy exercising and I find it fun and exciting to try new workouts.Pick what feels right for you, in the beginning I find everything to be damn near impossible but it gets better!

  35. I see you wandering around reading my poems and I feel honored by your presence. Your writing is exquisite and the pictures you select are amazing. I consider my writing to be simple, very simple in contrast with yours which seems so deep. Thank you for visiting my humble place 🙂

    1. I find your writing exceptional, profound, and of professional quality I am humbled by your work and truly flattered that you see something in my poetry that brings you back to my blog. I love selecting the photos that is such a delight though as I write my poems before I select a photo (usually) it is sometimes very tricky!

      1. For me the title is the most difficult. Also, I didn’t learn English until later years so grammar becomes a challenge. But I do love your poetry and like you need to go back and read some of your older poems.

      1. While I do have some photos and paintings that I myself have created those are amateurish and relatively few. Most of the art I use is free wallpapers so I can’t take credit for all those glorious photos you see

      2. Your choices are great when it comes to artwork. Joined with deep and engaging poems, I still believe you have an awesome blog content.

  36. Hey Ma’am, I am unsure if you accept awards on your blog, but I recently nominated you for the Blog of the Year Award. Congratulations, and have a pleasant day.

  37. Just wanted to thank you for quietly visiting my blog. I noticed you go back and read some of my poems and I appreciate your interest in my writing. Still love what you write, quite a mind you got there. 🙂

  38. Well my darlin I am stopping by to nominate you for Blog of the Year Award for 2013! I hope I am doing this right but here is the link if you would like to accept! I copied belsor’s link because I am unsure how to link it to me???? I am so computer e literate. Kiss Kiss http://wp.me/p32YrK-1cL

  39. Hello!
    Came across your poetry and really like it! Hope to participate of one of your prompts… Anyway, i want to put a link to here in my blogroll but i’d need a name for that. xx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and I would love to have you join the prompts that would be an honor =) mindlovemisery is the name I usually use on wordpress and I believe the one people are most familiar with but Yves K. Morrow would be a proper name if you prefer =)

      1. I linked you under Yves – I have this rule about refering to people only in their first name in the blogroll. It makes it clean and always a surprise, haha. There you are! x

  40. Hello– Thanks for stopping by Fictional Machines & I’m happy that by doing so you have led me to your work! I currently subscribe to a couple thousand blogs and this is my favorite “About” page so far- I can relate to many things you are saying! Keep up the great work and enjoy the day!

  41. where do you get all of the great art work on your site from? The pictures all always amazing.

    1. Thank you =) Sometimes I search for just free wallpapers, sometimes fantasy, and surreal art is a huge one I usually type in just a one descriptor surreal art Armageddon. My searches honestly don’t make much sense to my husband and to be honest I can’t locate things online easily but for art my weirdness seems to work. I also look up wallpapers and art using creepy or abstract

  42. Hey there, you sound very interesting. We share a lot of interests (not video games though, sorry =). I look forward to browsing through your blog.

      1. I remember Tetris! I played that as a kid but I was so terrible lol I do like the old school games though I don’t play them anymore. My fav. game is Planescape Torment it has a lot of philosophy/psychology and it is funny and creepy at the same time

  43. I am so envious! I always wanted to live in Sweden! I absolutely love the pictures on your site!

  44. Love the warmth and vibrancy of your blog, very big thank you for sharing, sincere regards, Barry

  45. I figure that this is the most lengthy ‘About’ page that I have ever read but considering I finished reading the whole piece shows that you have captured my interest and so I will be following you my friend. Have a delightful rest of the weekend and an awesome start to your week 🙂


  46. Thank you for reading and following my blog. I have been reading your blog and I totally get it. Thank you.

  47. Hello: I very much admire your blog and have just nominated it for the, “Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.” Your nomination is announced in my most recent post. Congratulations!

  48. You may actually enjoy reading Miedo…I have no doubt that you would be able to relate.

  49. Nice to meet you. You seem to be the bees knees, I’m looking forward to following your antics.

  50. Thank you for following me. Please consider submitting to the second issue of “peer review,” a literary and art magazine for the mental health and substance abuse recovery community. No reading or entry fees. Deadline September 1, 2014. Theme is “I.” Please email me with subject “peer review” for more details. veronicahaunani@gmail.com

  51. Oh my goodness. What an amazing About page. It looks like we have a ton in common. You seem so interesting. Can’t wait to check out your poetry.

      1. My husband is Swedish and my daughter has lived most of her life here. My Swedish shouldn’t be so poor but despite being a writer I have some learning disabilities in the language department. When people speak whatever language I can turn around their words in such a way I don’t understand them. I don’t know how many people ask if I am hearing impaired because of it. Sometimes it sounds like people are just speaking plain gibberish even if they are speaking clear English. Sometimes I literally don’t even hear a sound. Writing is easier because I can take all the time I need and don’t have to ask a 100 times for people to repeat themselves. It is quite embarrassing really so I am not comfortable socially and I feel I am usually having conversations by myself trying to guess what others might be saying. Conversations are too high pace I guess it takes me so much longer to interpret what’s been said. My husband takes really long pause when he speaks which works out haha One on one is easier too less voices and a slower pace

  52. Hi I just stumbled upon your blog. Your photographs are really amazing. Your introduction is quite awesome. Nice to meet you. would love to visit for future posts. See you soon. Have a great day..:)

    1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog =) The photographs are not mine underneath them I have credited the original photographer =) I am just a poet haha You are an amazing photographer just checked out your blog!

      1. Haha!!! Sorry for that. Actually my browser got stuck and before I make any change I already posted. Your writing is really nice. And Thank you a lot for visiting Keep Picturing. I’m glad you like my photographs. Have a good day…:)

  53. Thanks for the follow! I’m looking forward to your posts! You have a lot of great writings on here! 🙂

  54. So very glad to meet you! It is a privilege to connect with someone who works so very hard to know, feel, and live truth. I also am pretty intense about what it means to be human, to heal as a human, and to find purpose and passion, especially in the context of family life. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I look forward to reading more from you. Take good care ❤

      1. Me too! Like you, when I was young I watched others. I grew up “on the wrong side of the tracks” and always had this crazy notion that there was more…more kindness, more happiness, more love out there. So I looked. And looked. And looked. And read read read. When I married and then was a new mom, it was as if I was no longer watching life, but living it…and I wanted to live it well. Sure I looked a little crazy (a lot crazy) at times as I tried to live family life passionately. But now, many years later, I’m confident in the power of family love and a loving family. Yes, this takes a lot of trial, error, and hard work, but love truly can conquer all ❤ Thanks for connecting! You've made my day 😀

      2. Thank you so much. I had a difficult childhood so I admit I was afraid of “family” but I had seen love. I saw it when I visited the elderly couples in my grandmother’s neighborhood. I decided I would not settle for less than that sort of extraordinary forever sort of love and I didn’t. After marrying and having a child I saw that family could be a wonderful thing.

  55. Hi there lovely lady, I have nominated you for The Premio Dardos Award! I bet you are quivering in excitement… or perhaps you might be hitting your head against a wall repeating the phrase “Not another award, not another award!” You don’t have to accept this award, but I would love for you to pop over to my blog and come celebrate! There will be imaginary champagne, disco balls and a drumming cat! What more could one want? Hehe. If you’re interested click on the link: https://insidethelifeofmoi.wordpress.com/2015/04/29/my-big-fat-award-ceremonystrike-two/

  56. Hey, this is a long overdue thank you for all the support for my blog! I was updating some things on my site yesterday and noticed how long you have been visiting my posts and giving me likes! I really enjoy your site!! By the way, I have to two good friends who live in Sweden – one is my ex-girlfriend from many years ago (we met in Holland during a school exchange program) and the other is another person I met on the same exchange. Anyway, I thought I’d share that. LOL. Have a great day, and keep up the terrific work!!

    1. Thanks so much Kevin it is my pleasure. I check everyday to see if you’ve made a new post =) I have been in living in Sweden several years now but I am originally from the USA. My husband is Swedish

  57. Thank you for liking my poem. 🙂

    Curious, how did you find me?
    Seems like you and I share a lot in common with 90’s music.
    I too, am a 90’s kid. I love the wonder years. One of my my favorite shows to watch since I was 6 years old. 🙂

    1. I think through someone else but I can’t recall specifically I just bumble around the blogasphere. 90s music is awesome (excluding boy bands). I remember the Wonder Years! Thank you so much!

      1. I had lots of friends who did that! I listened to like Ace of Base because I really want to go to Sweden and I was so into all things Swedish. While I am not sure what I was thinking with the music I do live in Sweden now and I did marry a Swedish man so I was on the right track lol

  58. Fab to meet you and discover your blog and your talent. Thanks for bringing me here via your like of my Flash Fiction piece on Morgen’s blog. 🙂

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