Sand Senryu

Dreams plucked from the sand

Where they lay, silver dragons

Opposing the sea


My desert heart waits

For your indulgent smile

To redress the cracks


Heart slit base to stem

Time wasted can’t be respent

The hourglass runs red


Confession pending

You brush the sand from your hands

Keen for a response


Submission for

Haiku Heights


Day 7 Music Challenge “A song that has helped you through a painful time”


Here it is my girly side (you were suspicious after the Cyndi Lauper song I am sure) but I do have an inner Princess/Goddess/Anima though she sleeps quite soundly in a metal sarcophagi nearly year round. In college I took Japanese and it was on a class field trip to The Japanese Festival in Atlanta that I met Lisa Furukawa. I went to buy her CD after having been completely blown away by her live vocals (goosebumps all over) and she was standing there so I thought I should pay her a compliment. She was so sweet, so humble, and so endearingly shy. She talked to me much more than I expected but as I am so socially dysfunctional I left in my embarrassed hurry haha When I am feeling down putting her CD on reminds me of that beautiful sweet girl and the strength it must take to get on stage. I always feel powerful and womanly after listening to her music. I almost never feel that way so its quite an extraordinary transformation.