I gave this one tremendous thought but every song that came to mind the subject had a substance abuse problem to account for their crazy. I am just weird, not a junkie, diagnosable sure, but not a criminal. I chose this song in the end because I identify with the sense of not belonging, the sense of being off and thus ill-adapted in most normal social situations. When I look at others I see them as beautiful, unattainable and myself as an unwanted aberration. Like many people with critically low self-esteem I am always trying to make myself better, different, passably human.
Something you may not know about my is that I have Oppositional Defiant Disorder generally people associate this with delinquents but aside from Jaywalking (which I don’t fully understand) I am not a law-breaking kind of person. If anything I have a devastatingly strict sense of morals (for myself I don’t apply it to other people). I have never gotten scolded about the Jaywalking thing but I just assume I do it, as a kid I just thought it was illegal to walk at a diagonal lol Anyways ODD makes it very hard to belong because once I sense that I am fitting in, I find myself wanting to push boundaries and stake out on my own again. I love people but sometimes I think I would really just rather observe them and do my own thing. I won’t even pretend I am cool and call myself a lone wolf because I do get lonely and I do need love (to give and receive). I think I am just withdrawn, skittish like a dog that has been kicked too many times.
I am including this one too because I resonate with the Nightmare Hippie Girl if you take out the substance abuse and the promiscuity lol I am not beautiful but to those who love me I suppose I can be haha


27 thoughts on “Day 1 Music Challenge “A Song that describes you”

  1. THank you for the music and your inner story 🙂 This seems like a mighty fine challenge, but I am wondering how will anyone do the disslike song? I mean,isn’t it pointless to post and listen to something you disslike ? I’d probubly skip that one and “popular song you life”, but I am really looking forward to seeing what you will come up with and aswell to get to know you better 🙂

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