Blog Challenge Day 28 What are you looking forward to?


More than anything I want to find a house or a larger apartment! We are saving a little each month and doing a bit of online pursuing to see if anything jumps out at us. I don’t look forward to the actual move of course but I want to build a home, we’ve moved enough and I am really hoping to find a permanent place that we can create in accordance with our vision. Sam is currently building a mechanical table that will be able to walk. We have a lot of unusual ideas. When we lived in Asheville most of our furnishings/decorations were handmade and it felt like ours. I don’t want to live in the Ikea catalog, which is the easy solution because its cheap and despite assembly less labor intensive.


Our summer plans are not set I have some ideas of things I would like to do: (zip-lining, swimming, traveling, zoo, Amusement Park, etc). As I said we are financially pinched so I am not sure what we’ll achieve if we do in fact achieve anything at all. I do believe Sam has set up a swimming class for Isadora which I will attend with her because Sam is scared of water.


In the fall Isadora starts school, its close by so I don’t have to ride them tram for hours! I look forward to that! I also look forward to seeing how she gets on. At daycare she had a lot friends, loved the staff, and the whole experience. She always looked forward to going and I am hoping school will be just as wonderful.


Whiskey and Nylon


Everything been taught to me

Been taught to me by a black

Leather belt and everything I need

To know been shown to me by the

Mercy of your raised right hand


I’ve been a sinner since the day I was

Born, a little beer in the pacifier didn’t

Hurt me none,  contempt burns strait to

The filter just like a guided cigarette.

Preparation for hell that’s all life is and

When I meet the Devil I expect he’ll be

Wearing my face and speaking through a

Hotel Bible just like my dear old man


At the end of a switch you’ve made me into

A fine man, virtues you’ve no stock to give

Virtues laced with whiskey and nylon I

Know the addiction that became your 3 am

On a different street, same stale puddles of

Gasoline. If I am rotten its because I’ve lived

My whole life face down in shit. I don’t neeed

To tell you but you’ve got no right to judge,

One look in the mirror and you’ll know exactly

Who I am


(I feel like this poem is different from my usual style I have been listening to Seasick Steve and I just wanted to try something new. This poem is fictional but I added some real facts from my childhood. I went for a kind of Blues feel)

Blog Challenge 27 Favorite Recipe


Salmon Onigiri (Sam’s recipe he’s the cook)


4 cups sushi rice

½ dl rice vinegar

1 ½ tsp of sugar

1 tsp salt

Dissolve sugar and salt in vinegar

Cut vinegar mixture into rice using vertical cuts with rice paddle and fold (don’t smush rice)

Let rice cool before forming balls


Salmon (use fresh and pan fry it with a bit of salt I would not use more than 1 tsp of oil)

2 tsp miso paste (red)

½-1 tsp soy sauce

2 TBS mayo (you can use lower fat mayo if you want)

Few drops Chinese Rooster Sauce (it’s spicy)

Let salmon cool a bit before mixing it with the other ingredients


To shape the onigiri it’s easier to wear plastic disposable gloves. Some people use cookie cutters to shape. I use a small plastic square form I find the filling is more evenly distributed when it’s square. Make sure to put plastic wrap in the bowl or you won’t be able to get the onigiri out intact. Massage the rice till it gets a little sticky press into your form, basically make a bowl inside the plastic form add the filling (don’t use too much or they won’t remain intact). Create a lid over the filling by adding more rice, make sure to press the rice down, compact it so the filling is sealed inside and the sides are covered. To remove the onigiri just carefully lift up the plastic wrap. Add a strip of nori to the bottom and sprinkle on some furikake.



Let society retrogress deranged as

The feral wings of a fossilized bird,

I just want to be primitive, mortal

Painted in clay and calcite, half

Undressed, dread-locked, and vital

To the universal infrastructure


Unplugged from the android collective

I want to exist in a time where demons

Stand, not behind a mantel of human flesh

But outside of a simple ring of salt, in a

Time measured by the saturation of the sky

And the vertical momentum of lupine-dwelling

Meadows. I want my heart to be the place

Most visited and the rains to absolve sin

By the cleansing of pollutions that never

Penetrate the core or harden over the face

Like the maniacal funhouse masks of pretend


I want to be innocent, holy cradled by the

Chesire grin of an impartial moon, in shades

Of grey where the sentient inherently lay. I

Want to be imperfect, to fail blessed by the

Chance to try again. In this heathen temple

Shaped by the deeds of my own hands close

To the mother of ten thousand things I want

To scream on my deathbed that I have lived

Blog Challenge 26 Little Me


First I had to show you a picture of Sam because he was positively adorable


This one I am showing you because it looks like the door behind me opens into another time period/dimension lol


I really don’t have a lot of childhood photos we didn’t have a camera and then what few photos we had my mom stored in a leaky garage go figure lol I was at my cousin’s birthday party in this one I was probably 6 or 7. This is a typical picture I tend to be zoned out not smiling and unaware of the camera. I remember I gave my cousins my glow worm because it was the nicest toy I had as a kid I thought you gave away your favorite things when you loved someone, so I gave away most of my clothes too lol




You’re beautiful when broken

Like shafts of light spilling

Unkempt between intercepting

Branches, unsparingly empathic

In the recognition of a shared

Condition, always a Buddha,

Only occasionally a tyrant


Roots catching hold of the clouds

When upended, resilient in the

Wake of tragedy, as if the sole

Beneficiary of Pandora’s box

I know the world reinvented in

The presence of your smile, in

My own ellipse as it struggles

To encompass your belief


Elbow deep extracting the air

From my prolapsed lungs like

An artificial respirator you breath

New life. Of your lotus heart you

Selflessly give and of mine you

Demand no recompense

Blog Challenge 25 Favorite Websites


I love so many blogs and have met so many talented writers that I decided to post websites I enjoy rather than blogs because it’s just too hard to leave anyone out.

WordPress obviously its where my blog is and its through WordPress that I have met all of you fabulous people. Its also through WordPress that I have found a lot of wonderful poetry sharing sites

TED if you have never visited this site I recommend it highly! Ted has so many inspiring talks.

Dulcinea Hellings, her workout videos are a lot of fun! I am a frequent visitor to Youtube in general

Lady Cage Mush this is a Planescape Torment site where you find loads of interesting information on the philosophical factions in the game as well as other fun information.

Online Dictionary as a writer I do spend an awful lot of time here, in fact the page is always open encase I should stumble on a new word lol

Prompt 9 Free Share =)


As this marks the beginning of vacations for many of us I decided to mark the occasion by leaving the prompt wide open =) As always you can submit multiple pieces. You can submit anything poems, stories, photos, artwork, music, articles etc.. As some of you know I am having a lot of trouble with my vision. Its not just a matter of magnifying text or wearing my glasses (methods currently employed) everything is blurry and I have so much debris/phenomena swimming in front of my eyes it quite a challenge to read and write! I experienced this earlier this year and it cleared up totally (my vision was back to before I needed glasses even) but I have managed to exhaust my eyes again!  Hence not being as active online outside of my own blog. Now is your chance to share anything I might have missed!

Absinthe and the Nymphs


When Absinthe removed her hand from the stone she staggered backwards, limbs uncertain., mind as cold and slimy as a dead fish. She dropped down on the sofa, only inches from where Lilith lay coiled. The scenario played through her mind still, it had seemed so real, whatever disconnect she enjoyed when watching television could not be maintained when fully submerged into the consciousness of those entities to which the tragedies were intrinsically stitched. Looking at her own bony hands there were no bruises to justify the pain she still felt. For several minutes her feline companion uttered not one word, understanding the fragility of her ward, to a greater degree than her usually arrogant manner indicated. Being of an introspective nature Absinthe had never come into such proximity with another person’s anguish, she had never known desperation of such magnitude and the concreteness of the experience dwarfed her mental abstractions. That woman was not constructing the walls of her own underground kingdom, her hell was nothing like the psychic ones that Absinthe routinely fashioned.


“Let’s try another one…something less painful….” Absinthe said, she would not break down here, not when she had such a singular opportunity to explore realms of the universe rarely exposed. “Suit yourself…” The Abyssinian shrugged but the renewed bounce in her step as she sprang from the sofa revealed her true feelings. “Why don’t you wait here…for a bit…” The cat said drawing the girl’s eyes and consent easily. Still within visual range the feline jumped onto the customer service desk, inquiring about each sensory stone in hopes of lifting the girl’s mood with a more affable narrative. While Absinthe did not speak of trauma to her, Lilith understood the nature of the young woman’s fractured psyche, understood that buried within her memories there were jagged edges that to grasp would be an act of self-destruction in and of itself.


“Follow me…” Lilith said guiding her charge to the other side of what was a large circular foyer lined with nearly identical rooms. In the chosen room the decorating scheme varied only slightly from the previous and only superficially through the color palate.”Well get on with it then…” The cat said noting the waif’s hesitation which was understandable given her previous experience but not relevant to the new one. Watching the feline settle precisely as she had done before, Absinthe placed her hand on top of the glowing orb and closed her eyes.


The first thing Absinthe was aware of was her bare feet against the damp earth and her long silken hair sliding sensually against her exposed arms. This body was more voluptuous than her own but these were well placed feminine curves the likes of which she had dreamed of possessing as a teenager and been forced to abandon hope of as an adult. Had she any control of her hands she might have touched the unbound breasts in order to know better this body which seemed so welcoming and soft. The sound of a voice reached her ears, a voice as delicate and ethereal as a humming bird’s wings, a voice that swept over her flesh like a feather, like sunlight, filling her heart and lungs with an intoxicating warmth. Was she the supernal songtress? Opening her eyes there was only an open sky flushing and orgasmic before her. The softening eroticism of a dawn the likes of which she had never known and if tears had been permitted her she would have wept. This was not the earth as she knew it, this was not reality as she had known it, and curiously she felt as if she belonged here, in this imitation of paradise.


She wore a simple white tunic, the material so light and transparent that she was scarcely aware of its presence and in regards to modesty it offered none. Alone in the wilderness she did not mind the sense of nakedness and certainly not the sense of freedom and power that that nakedness engendered. She felt joy in every fiber of her being and an awareness of self that did not make her feel self-conscious or confined but expansive. Her feet moved in cadence with a pulse that was not her own, a pulse summoned from the earth, from the soil held within her own bones. She danced as she had never danced, spinning her moments into a tangible silk web, into volatile waves of gold.


From the trees themselves, as if prehistoric wombs other women began to step forth, women dressed as she, beautiful women of varying aesthetes. They took her hands and joined her dance with the same abandon, their voices meeting hers not in competition but in harmonious communion. How could such a beauty as that which extended before her be considered savage? Were the trees not more welcoming than the large erect phallus’s under which people surrendered their souls? Was it not ego that needed to be tamed? Should nature not be left free and wild? Should not the human spirit likewise? Why had she rebelled so hard against the cages of others but endured resignedly the limitations she imposed upon herself?


As they danced Absinthe saw the very fabric of the atmosphere tear open to form a door that was itself without form. One after another the girls stepped through emerging into another part of the forest. Stripping off their dresses they draped them around the outstretched branches of accommodating trees and ran laughing into a lake with wind-like translucency. She followed, the laughter flowing from her body, a spell shaking free the sense of a separate consciousness.


(I am still having a lot of problems with my vision and that makes it hard to write (proof read) and focus so I am not really certain how this one turned out. Lots of Gelasic seizures too, aka laughing seizures which sounds fun but there really is nothing more horrifying then hearing your own hysterical disembodied laughter. Its hard to explain its something like being awake but immobile the moment before an autopsy pure terror. This particular seizure is usually followed by sobbing and an intense sense of loss/violation )

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