Coyote Song


Your nimble fingers harvest

Music from the wind, like a

Myna birds throaty affectations.

At times you seem bound, not

For highways, but the hallways

Of a pythonic egoism.


The swagger of your jagged

Grin slices open my heart as

If a Reaper’s sickle, I pour

Into you like moonlight cool

And metaphysical, you extract

Me silver from a tremulous

Sensorium and in the night,

Like coyotes, we pursue a

Love that is unspeakable


My limbs hum the violence

Of a precarious rapture, each

In our own fashion a train

Advancing to some immutable

End. In your vaulted heart the

City craves the consummation

Of a histrionic impetus to fame


In my heart the prairie, the

Swirling momentum of a

Beatnik dance, the slow sultry

Pulse of a life not hemmed in

By glossy-paged conventions


I am the Halcyon and you the

Phoenix, if we are destroyed

Only you will rise, so depart

With the sun, sing only and

Never speak of us again


Submission for

The Sunday Whirl


Day 8 Blog Challenge Pet Hates



Racist jokes/comments (I am a pretty nonconfrontational person but this is a good way to start a fight with me)

Homophobic jokes and comments (same)

I am all about people finding their own truths (as long as they are not endangering others in their pursuits) so religious hatred or hatred toward Atheists

Child/Animal abuse

Domestic Violence

Gender inequalities



Being crowded not being allowed privacy or outlet for expression

Littering (why???)


Used adhesive bandages left lying around (*shudders*)

Village of the Damned Syndrome (this is not the desire to simply adapt a few trends we all do it but to adapt a persona complete with xeroxed white-washed appearance, the most beautiful people I have ever seen are beautiful because of their flaws because they are true to their nature.)

An unclean toilet

Wet fingers sticking to ice (its creepy isn’t it?)

Weevils oh they drive me nuts I have found them in brand new flour bags a number of times and once you get them its not easy to get rid of them.

Missing a meal or being late for bed (I am an old man at heart deal with it lol)

People inviting you out and then talking on their cellphone the entire time