The feathers in your hair coming

Undone, prophecy-baring doves

Spilling from a warped halo


Your hands are beautiful when they

Scream, as beautiful as your eyes

Drowning, as beautiful as your

Lipstick bidding farewell to a

Mirror that ceased to reflect me


I’ll never claim that I loved you less

In a world where you were everyone

And everything, I love you quietly still


The breadcrumbs that I lay never

Find you and all that was invincible

At conception spoils in my heart


16 thoughts on “Molting

  1. there is a nice subtle depth to this…the prophecy in the first part, the feathers fall…the warped halo…smiles…cool imagery and symbolism…and there are def those we still love well after…like the breadcrumbs that never lead back as well…cool write…

  2. ‘The breadcrumbs that I lay never find you …. ‘ That gives me an ache, the kind that penetrates the soul … such beauty and wisdom. That girl, in a word is gorgeous. Ditto, your words.

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