Copper Mouth

Graves, Morris waking-walking-singing-in-the-next-dimension-1979

You spread like wine

Over a silk dress, a


Carnivore spinning

Contradictions into a

Hypothetical prime


I’ve got a head full

Of heathen posies,

And a lavender soul

Spilling forward like

A thirsting wisteria

We’re all swaying to

The refrain of your

Avaricious pulse


Cotton-mouthed with

Misplaced expectations

I watch you slip dimensionless

Into patina, ambidextrous

Heart pocketing the sunrise

And sunset in the same

Thieving swoop



Submission for

Magpie Tales


Day 5 Blog Challenge Favorite Music


I am not really sure what my favorite song is because its mood dependent and I tend to be abnormally forgetful so quite possibly this list is missing my favorites lol


In no particular order

1. Leonard Cohen “Hallelujah”

2. Bats for Lashes “Daniel”

3. PJ Harvey “White Chalk”

4. Moist “Leave it Alone”

5. Metallica “Unforgiven”

6. Rolling Stones “Paint it Black”

7. Janis Joplin “Me & Bobby McGee”

8. Jefferson Airplane/Collide “White Rabbit”

9. Bj√∂rk “Human Behavior”

10. Regina Spektor “Machine”


White Chalk PJ Harvey