You’re beautiful when broken

Like shafts of light spilling

Unkempt between intercepting

Branches, unsparingly empathic

In the recognition of a shared

Condition, always a Buddha,

Only occasionally a tyrant


Roots catching hold of the clouds

When upended, resilient in the

Wake of tragedy, as if the sole

Beneficiary of Pandora’s box

I know the world reinvented in

The presence of your smile, in

My own ellipse as it struggles

To encompass your belief


Elbow deep extracting the air

From my prolapsed lungs like

An artificial respirator you breath

New life. Of your lotus heart you

Selflessly give and of mine you

Demand no recompense


Blog Challenge 25 Favorite Websites


I love so many blogs and have met so many talented writers that I decided to post websites I enjoy rather than blogs because it’s just too hard to leave anyone out.

WordPress obviously its where my blog is and its through WordPress that I have met all of you fabulous people. Its also through WordPress that I have found a lot of wonderful poetry sharing sites

TED if you have never visited this site I recommend it highly! Ted has so many inspiring talks.

Dulcinea Hellings, her workout videos are a lot of fun! I am a frequent visitor to Youtube in general

Lady Cage Mush this is a Planescape Torment site where you find loads of interesting information on the philosophical factions in the game as well as other fun information.

Online Dictionary as a writer I do spend an awful lot of time here, in fact the page is always open encase I should stumble on a new word lol

Prompt 9 Free Share =)


As this marks the beginning of vacations for many of us I decided to mark the occasion by leaving the prompt wide open =) As always you can submit multiple pieces. You can submit anything poems, stories, photos, artwork, music, articles etc.. As some of you know I am having a lot of trouble with my vision. Its not just a matter of magnifying text or wearing my glasses (methods currently employed) everything is blurry and I have so much debris/phenomena swimming in front of my eyes it quite a challenge to read and write! I experienced this earlier this year and it cleared up totally (my vision was back to before I needed glasses even) but I have managed to exhaust my eyes again!  Hence not being as active online outside of my own blog. Now is your chance to share anything I might have missed!