Making Monsters


Softened by a whimsical palate and sealed

In vacancy there was a time when shadows

Slipped from that carnivorous aperture, from

The hostile shock of pomegranate within, so

Unlike the soft pastels without. You, father,

With your reptilian eyes have disguised yourself

Well within its darkness, within those closet-dwelling

Fiends in which I came so tenaciously to believe


Supernatural, psychological, nightmares

For which I swore you could not be blamed

But I have seen you raven-cloaked in the dead

Of night, cancerous silhouette, dislocating from

The walls to slink invertebrate into my bedroom


It was self-preservation that led me to fashion

Monsters on your behalf, better my own madness

Than a sickness capable of unmaking the world


I am reading this book that deals with childhood trauma so I find myself writing a bit more darkly

Submission for Magpie Tales

The Mag


Blog Challenge 14 Lottery


Since this is hypothetical I am going to assume that I am winning a very big cash prize!

1. Buy a house! We live in a very cramped apartment right now (60 square meters). In my dream home my husband would have a wood-working shop complete with tools and lumber. I would have a yoga studio. The house would be decorated with furniture my husband made and with our art (like our apartment in Asheville where we made almost everything). The kitchen would be spacious and have plenty of storage since we cook a lot. And since I have a daughter, who will become a teenager eventually, I feel certain that we would need two bathrooms haha

2. Give back. My husband and I have discussed how we’d like to give money to our families (as soon as we our able to with or without winning the lottery). Right now my mom is in a bad financial situation she has significant health problems but gave up her health insurance in order to afford the cost of living and my step dad’s medical costs. She keeps putting off a very necessary eye surgery and is working 12 hours a day at a job that is not able to pay her consistently. So I am very worried. Aside from family and friends I think my husband would like to start a project with energy conservation and quite possibly other charity work.

3. Travel. My husband I have never been on our honeymoon unless you count camping for the night in the woods (my mom’s dogs stayed with us every second they were so worried for us they practically slept on top of the tent lol). I really want to go to Bhutan. I would also like to go to a yoga retreat

4. Clothes everyone has a few necessary items like my husband never buys himself shoes and I never buy bras and well my daughter is 5 so she is constantly growing. After the essentials I would do some fun shopping with Isadora. Sam (husband) not so much for clothes he’d probably buy knives for cooking or tools. I would buy books and art supplies too. I love book shopping!

5. Go to the Cirque Du Soleil, planetarium, the ballet, the zoo, the opera, try zip-lining, see a TED talk in real life just a bunch of random fun stuff that doesn’t fit the normal budget lol

I think that is really all