Mephisto exists within my own heart

In the black-veined passages that

Disguise their means, in the rib-stashed

Furnace replete with incinerated flowers

I consume all who would trespass on this

Seething womb through the appropriation

Of false intimacies, all who bare the graceless

Articulations of the Sybarite, I will not not

Lie  in your bed as upon a sacrificial altar

And you will know neither my flesh nor

My vision


Do not place your hands, as if in clay, upon my

Soul. I will not be rendered misshapen under

Your artistic vanity. I have no use of your

Dead Sea dreams, the saline of a love-struck

Narcissus lost in his reflection as it rests

Upon my eyes, unseen. I have no use of

Smiles, silk-spun, that would ensnare,

Of words double-sided that adhere lips

And tongue to back-alley promises that

Can not endure the light of morning


Only one whose intentions are sincere could

Unlock these wrought-iron doors and find heaven


This is a bit older actually but its hard to write when you can’t see that well


Blog Challenge 21 10 Favorite Foods


  1. Joy Roll (inari, panko, kanpyo, cream cheese, avocado, sesame seed) as I can no longer have this unless I make it at home with GF bread crumbs I guess it would be the Boston Roll (shrimp, avocado, mayo)
  2. Cherries, mango, strawberries, and grapes oh my! Actually I love most fruits
  3. Sam’s Onigiri (fresh salmon with a miso mayonnaise type sauce in a warm, comforting cocoon of rice)
  4. Chorizo (I know its horrifically unhealthy but I love adding it too baked beans and rice)
  5. Bok Choy specifically Stir-Fried Sesame Bok Choy but I love it prepared in any way
  6. Sweet Potato fries (only if homemade)
  7. Split Pea Soup (I eat this much my husband worries about me haha)
  8. Turkey prepared in most ways
  9. Miso Eggplant with Paprika (I should just put Miso lol)
  10. Kale unfortunately it is only available for X-mas here so its a treat

(I want to apologize for not visiting more blogs lately. This year I forget when precisely I started to notice a substantial decline in my vision and so I got glasses. That helped and for a while my eyes were doing great even without the glasses but because I have been reading and writing so much lately my vision even with the glasses has started to get very blurry. I am having a real problem with eye fatigue so if anyone has any tips please share!)