I have eaten through all our

Memories, a wicked moth

Shadowed by alley-dwelling

Sunflowers. I may not know

To whom you prey but I know

That I am no longer within

Your hypermetropic range


On my breath the guilty scent

Of rosemary betrays my espial

Lens, you are a raven, bound

To the witching hour by appetites

That seem to me more deprived than

Depraved. In the closet the dresses

I no longer wear are my scarlet

Letter shame. I gave up much too

Soon on beautiful things, on

Dreams with heliotrope wings

And kisses like impatient skies


Whenever you leave you

Unscrew all the light bulbs

And place them in your eyes,

Artificial stars for pink neon fireflies

I cry over nocturnes and chamomile

Tea pulling your black, blond, and

Red hairs out of discarded clothing

Bitter as the juice of a grape fruit


(This is fictional)


Day 6 Challenge Handbag (Pictures)


OMG a facial expression kind of the third one looks like I am about to smash someone’s face in which makes the last one a little evil lol…This is my handbag I got it when Isadora was born so like 5 years ago as you will find I have a very big bag and not a lot of stuff that’s okay because whenever I go out with anyone they are sure to fill it up and leave me carrying everything!

webcam-toy-photo6This phone cost just slightly over 1 dollar I have had it for years now. I mostly use it to tell the time, it doesn’t have any features but hey for that price what can you expect!

webcam-toy-photo4This is the book I am reading right now I always carry a book with me and that justifies my purse size

webcam-toy-photo5Glasses so I can see the book

webcam-toy-photo8A pocket-sized voodoo princess


Wallets I don’t actually have a credit card or much cash to speak of lol I just couldn’t choose between the two

I just did all of this and then realized Day 6 wasn’t handbag that’s Day 8 well its Day 6 now!  That really is all I have in that giant purse haha