An electric nymph

Cool and effulgent, on an

Unmade bed of grass


Hands filled with lightning

Wishes light as paper cast

On counterfeit stars


Underneath the moon

Harvesting fireflies for a

Primitive lantern

And I had a rictameter

Own me

Through seduction

Dress my spine in satin

The color of expensive wine

Light me recurrently like a firefly

Drink of me, of the forbidden

Sweetness between bared thighs

Make me unchaste

Own me

Submission for

Haiku Heights


30 thoughts on “Firefly Haiku

  1. Charming Haiku, all three, but I do like the first best- and satin the color of wine dressing your spine, yummy!, er, I mean tantalizing and provocative, very nice reading, I shall however, through the remainder of the day, exist as a firefly flitting your way!

  2. ‘Electric nymph’, “counterfeit stars’ and as a ‘primitive lantern’ ~ to describe the little fireflies is ingenious. Smart thinking!!

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