Moon Sick


Sweep me backwards into nostalgia

Kiss me saccharine, faithless in the

Widowing rays of a nocturnal farce


Paint me with the sweat of your

Writhing flesh deliver me unclean,

Through the repeated application of

Your villainous intentions, summon

The white light of a heady amnesia

Speak to me as your mistress, not as

The wife scorned and abandoned by

The treachery of your misplaced organ


Drag my name across your tongue

Slow and sadistic like a blade. End

Me with paroxysm and heat lightening

Like a summer’s night, humid in the

Onset of a wine-ingested decay


A witch’s spell, a moon sick fairytale

In the morning thoroughly spent,

Boneless as a mescaline mindtrip

I’ll remove the ring from my finger

And retreat into the dessert, a lizard

Priestess, tepid blood migrating toward

The reliable warmth of soldiering sun


Blog Challenge Day 28 What are you looking forward to?


More than anything I want to find a house or a larger apartment! We are saving a little each month and doing a bit of online pursuing to see if anything jumps out at us. I don’t look forward to the actual move of course but I want to build a home, we’ve moved enough and I am really hoping to find a permanent place that we can create in accordance with our vision. Sam is currently building a mechanical table that will be able to walk. We have a lot of unusual ideas. When we lived in Asheville most of our furnishings/decorations were handmade and it felt like ours. I don’t want to live in the Ikea catalog, which is the easy solution because its cheap and despite assembly less labor intensive.


Our summer plans are not set I have some ideas of things I would like to do: (zip-lining, swimming, traveling, zoo, Amusement Park, etc). As I said we are financially pinched so I am not sure what we’ll achieve if we do in fact achieve anything at all. I do believe Sam has set up a swimming class for Isadora which I will attend with her because Sam is scared of water.


In the fall Isadora starts school, its close by so I don’t have to ride them tram for hours! I look forward to that! I also look forward to seeing how she gets on. At daycare she had a lot friends, loved the staff, and the whole experience. She always looked forward to going and I am hoping school will be just as wonderful.