2 Short Poems (Kite, Smile)



The asphalt shadows are always

Driving your features down, your

Knuckles, bleached, hysterical as

An overturned eye will never know

The freedom of wildflowers tethered

In open fields like autonomous kites


Your smile is a cartwheel unspun

Clumsy, noncommittal, one side

Always pointing at the ground


Two short poems I still can’t really see =( Also hubbie is on vacation soon!


Blog Challenge 22 Best of 2013


This year has not been a particularly eventful year. I was sick for months, the frequency of my seizures has increased, and I have been under a good deal of emotional strain.

While my anniversary was low-key because of all the illnesses April 22nd did mark my 13 year wedding anniversary! My husband composed a poem for me which touched me very deeply. He has not really written in years so it was a very pleasant surprise!

Isadora will start school in the fall which blows my mind. We have visited her new school a few times now and I can’t help but feel a bit emotional/proud.

I played Miniature Golf with Isadora for the first time and she absolutely loved it and seeing her light up like that well happiness is really about the simple moments.

Its not happened yet but I have plans to see Rammstein at the festival here and that is exciting!