Awareness slips

Histrionic dendrites

Activate self-destruct sequence

Mechanism for preservation faulty

Psychic doors cipher dependent

Defective machine head

Access denied



Blog Challenge 23 Dreams


For starters I want to continue writing and to pursue it on a more professional level. I never cared one way or the other about publication so I never tried submitting my work to contests or publishing houses. I am still not interested in contests but I do think I would like to say I have written a book. I want an actual paper copy book not just an E-book (there is nothing comparable to the feel of the genuine article). Ideally I would be published by a publishing house but from what I have read poetry is not exactly in demand. In fact many of the publishing houses I researched do not even accept poetry. I have no marketing sense whatever and can’t imagine my self-published book selling more than the copy I would buy lol Which is why I have held out, more research to be done!

My other dream is to start The Brothel of Slaking Intellectual Lusts, a place that caters to cerebral pleasures. In my mind there would be (Counseling/Psychology, Meditation Classes, Debate, Games, Dream Analysis, Biofeedback, Hypnosis, Sex Therapy, Philosophical Discussions and Lectures, Exercise Classes (like yoga and Tai Chi something with a bit more cerebral/spiritual underpinnings), a beautiful none technology enhanced space for people to hang out and talk, Poetry Readings or Journal Sharing, Improvisational or Acting Classes, Clubs, and Friendship Groups and whatever else I think of lol I want this to be a space where people go to relate to each other person, so no cellphones and no computers!!! Running this beast is beyond me but this is a dream. Actually I just want this to exist so I can go there lol