Let society retrogress deranged as

The feral wings of a fossilized bird,

I just want to be primitive, mortal

Painted in clay and calcite, half

Undressed, dread-locked, and vital

To the universal infrastructure


Unplugged from the android collective

I want to exist in a time where demons

Stand, not behind a mantel of human flesh

But outside of a simple ring of salt, in a

Time measured by the saturation of the sky

And the vertical momentum of lupine-dwelling

Meadows. I want my heart to be the place

Most visited and the rains to absolve sin

By the cleansing of pollutions that never

Penetrate the core or harden over the face

Like the maniacal funhouse masks of pretend


I want to be innocent, holy cradled by the

Chesire grin of an impartial moon, in shades

Of grey where the sentient inherently lay. I

Want to be imperfect, to fail blessed by the

Chance to try again. In this heathen temple

Shaped by the deeds of my own hands close

To the mother of ten thousand things I want

To scream on my deathbed that I have lived


Blog Challenge 26 Little Me


First I had to show you a picture of Sam because he was positively adorable


This one I am showing you because it looks like the door behind me opens into another time period/dimension lol


I really don’t have a lot of childhood photos we didn’t have a camera and then what few photos we had my mom stored in a leaky garage go figure lol I was at my cousin’s birthday party in this one I was probably 6 or 7. This is a typical picture I tend to be zoned out not smiling and unaware of the camera. I remember I gave my cousins my glow worm because it was the nicest toy I had as a kid I thought you gave away your favorite things when you loved someone, so I gave away most of my clothes too lol