House of Cards


I will love you dear in this house

Of cards behind these flimsy walls

With their horrorshow veneers in

The presence of a black-mantled

Chalk-faced bereavement


We will fall face down, bleached spines

Unbroken and I will catch you at my

Own expense, with the sum of my

Being in spite of a climate that

Suffers no integrity, no certainty

As many times as it takes


I will lay with you on the floor,

Scattered in the shadows of a slipshod

Psychopathy and I will love you

No less on the bottom then I loved

You outstretched and I will love you

No less crumbled in the merciless

Grip of indignation then I will love you

Abiding and upright in the mutual

Symbiosis of a slack-jointed habitation


(This was fun and honestly a bit therapeutic. I chose “House of Cards” for my cliche because there are probably 100’s of songs/poems with this title)


Rondelet Practice


Bury Me

Bury me in the earth

So that I might design of myself a garden

Bury me in the earth

So that I might find within some measure of worth

And the strength to pardon

Myself, so that my grieving heart will not harden

Bury me in the earth


Heart of Thorns

My heart is crowned with thorns

Loneliness impinges upon my waking hours

My heart is crowned with thorns

Deprived of all nonessential flesh, my soul mourns

In my eyes beauty sours

All I know of love, a vase of vicious flowers

My heart is crowned with thorns


Very busy day almost no time to write and for some reason I chose to work on a challenging form lol

Blog Challenge 18 Blog Name


Mindlovemisery reflects the subjects most extensively explored in my poetry. Mind- philosophy, psychology, mental illness, society Love- loss, unrequited, infatuations and obsessions, sex, true love, new love, relationships of all sorts both dysfunctional and sublime Misery- childhood trauma, Depression, living with Epilepsy, the search for meaning, loneliness, spiritual dilemmas grief, social ineptitude etc. The original source of the name was not a simple mashup of words it came from a poem (the poem was influenced by the music of Moist specifically the Creature Album) I wrote this poem many many years ago and you can find it using the link below. The quote beneath comes from “Vurt” by Jeff Noon