This week’s theme is metamorphosis and not in the spiritual or philosophical sense but in the physical sense! I am not sure how many of you have read Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” but the protagonist in the story wakes up as a monstrosity unspecified. What you wake up as is up to you, you can wake up in a another human body, as an animal, a demon/angel, an insect, rodent, a reptile/amphibian, a mythological creature whatever you like just so it isn’t as yourself (unless you want to do something with amnesia)! Mr. Kafka never explains why this fate has befallen his protagonist and he never really explains precisely what sort of monstrosity the poor guy has turned into so I leave it to you if you want to explore that or leave that aspect a mystery. I also leave it up to you, if your character is seen by an outsider or if the transformation occurs when they are alone. I want the change to be unexpected and non volitional. Obviously you can do a vampire/werewolf/or zombie theme. You could also have your character die and become a ghost. You don’t have to write a story for this but do try to be descriptive.


Pictures are allowed for this prompt as always

If you are doing a haiku or limerick choose some type of vermin (mice, bugs, snakes) for a more general theme

If you are doing a Blog write about gardening or nature or an experience with vermin haha


My husband has started vacation and my schedule has become very hectic/unpredictable, I will definitely read/comment to everything posted but I am not 100% sure if I will have time to create my own submission lol That doesn’t matter though you guys feel absolutely free to submit as much as you want =)


21 thoughts on “Prompt 10 The Metamorphosis

  1. It is always beneficial to break the routines in a friendly manner. I think it is difficult to disentangle the physical transformation of the psychic. Physical changes transformed the fund and how to perceive.

    1. It is a short story and I am very fond of it so by all means have a look but you can still participate if you’ve not read it just write about undergoing some type of physical transformation

  2. sorry I haven’t been around much…that part of my life where fiends are having problems and I get depressed that I cannot do anything but observe…I sit at the computer but my fingers do not move. Your visit was my only bright spot and I thank you for your kind words.
    I enjoy Kafka and I always wonder how he could write so well and never submit his stories for publication.
    I see “The Metamorphosis” as a bio of a lonely man,spending hour upon hour writing and alone.
    As he “morphed” into a great writer, he felt as if others thought of him as some despicable animal and they would be glad when they no longer had to deal with him

    1. Oh Grizz I hope that things will turn around soon for your friends and for you as well. I know the feeling as my husband suffers from chronic pain and severe Depression it is so difficult when you can’t make their pain go away. Wow that is an amazing interpretation and I am sure you are spot on!

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