Once upon a time in a land not so far away,  impenetrable save for dreams, lived a young princess named Willa. Though her mother’s beauty was comparable to art, she was but an ordinary girl with a messy, unremarkable appearance. Her hair was mousy brown and lacked the requisite curls, her eyes were mild and of a similarly muddy composition. Her figure was that of an adolescent boy and her waistline woefully average for she lacked the hips and breasts essential to its definition. Her skin was an unfortunate mixture of golden brown and blue-veined pallor, a fact attributed to a love of the outdoors and the uncompromising chastity of formal attire (she was in the habit of rolling up her sleeves and riding pants whenever out-of-sight). Her delicate hands were so callused that she was made to wear gloves whenever the family kept company, makeup did little to recommend her. She could not dance or sing and had but one talent, she was an unparallelled seamstress. There was little hope that she would marry profitably but her parents were determined that she should marry a royal prince. A commoner would not do and so it was that at sixteen the girl had not had even one royal suitor and indeed only the stable boy seemed to pay the young princess any attention.


Unlike other princesses Willa did not ride a graceful white stead but an enchanted tortoise who carried the girl about on its broad ornately-patterned back. In this way Willa never managed to get very far from home and thus she had seen very little of the kingdom that she, as the sole heir, was meant to inherit. Nevertheless she enjoyed her meditative strolls, the gardens, the koi pond, the forests the comforting sight of the castle always visible no matter how many hours passed in her travels. Her life was pleasant enough, her parents furnished her with tutors and governesses but they did not impose upon her a particularly strict regime. Her personality compensated for her plain appearance, at least in the eyes of her devoted relatives.


“What is that animal…the one with the extraordinary silver pelt just between those Juniper trees…is it not similar in form to father’s German Shepard oh but I speculate much larger…” The girl asked having never seen a wolf such as this one and only the storybook variety besides. “It is a wolf Princess….vicious beasts they are…we should make haste lest it catch our scent and pursue…” The tortoise replied, his bored tone suffering no noticeable change in volume despite his concern. “Is he not beautiful tortoise?” The girl asked turning around on her ponderous stead so that she might continue to gaze upon the majestic canine. “Not particularly but perhaps that is just my survival instincts overriding my other senses….” The tortoise responded voice as dry as Autumn leaves crunching underfoot.


“Look he approaches!” The Princess cried causing her unusually retiring friend to start. She could feel the sluggish reptile struggling forward, feel the shaking muscles, the strain of breath through pinched lungs but the momentum of his efforts seemed inconsequential. Indeed the tortoises best efforts were for naught  because the wolf caught up to them easily.


“Give it up tortoise…you will not out run me…better to let the Princess climb a tree…” The wolf said sarcastically. “I will allow no such…on second thought that is a reasonable idea but I can see it is too late for it now…” The tortoise said turning himself around to face the silver beast which he outweighed by a considerable amount. “Tell me Princess why do you ride such an inferior stead? I could take you anywhere in the kingdom within a day…wouldn’t you like to feel the wind in your hair? To run? Surely you grow impatient?” The wolf asked taking a seat only arm’s length from the homely maiden. “I find it peaceful…though in truth I would like very much to see the rest of the kingdom…would you show it to me?” Willa asked leaning forward to search those bewitching silver irises.


“He means only to trick you…he will lead you into the forest where his pack lies in wait and they will rip you limb for limb…titles mean nothing to savages…is that not your intention wolf?” The tortoise asked standing his ground lest the wolf sense weakness and attack preemptively. “I have no such intentions…I myself am a Prince…is it so inconceivable that I should wish to escort a lovely Princess?” The silver Lothario responded. “I would gladly take you milady but I would know your name first…” The wolf asked turning away from the tortoise and to the girl seated demurely on her animate chariot. “I am Willa Brind’Amour…it is a pleasure to meet you?” She stopped confused, if the canine was indeed a prince, should he not have a name? Would is be rude to call him simply “wolf”? “I am Aurelian Silver…” The canine answered bowing low before the girl, as in service to her. “Now that we are acquainted please call me Willa…may I call you Aurelian?” She asked wishing desperately to reach out and run her fingers through the thick moonlit fur. “Of course…”


“Bah….a wolf is a prince of nothing lest of all his appetites…” The tortoise said regretting his words for the smile they produced from the roguish canine. “I shall prove it then…please fair Willa your cloak…I am afraid I did not bring any clothes and if I am to transform for your modesty’s sake I require a means to cover myself…” The wolf requested to which Willa complied readily. “He deceives Princess he only wants your cloak so that he might steal it and familiarize his pack with your scent….they will hunt you….you must not do as he says….” The tortoise warned but his warning fell on deaf ears, the girl was smitten. “He says he can transform into a man…how can I deny my curiosity? Besides I do not believe he means us harm…my father’s dogs do not speak…he must be enchanted…perhaps he is a prince as he says…let’s give him a chance…” The girl said passing over her black velvet mantel which the wolf accepted gingerly with his teeth. “Thank you that is most generous of you and a testament to your good humor…I will not betray you…”


“Now close your eyes Willa and do not open them until I say…if you are suspicious tortoise then you may watch…lest I attempt a retreat or worse to devour…” The wolf said rising again, eyebrow arched knowingly as he favored the reptile. “I will not take my eyes off of you wolf…the Princess is but a girl…a sheltered girl she has never met with deception…I know that you mean to harm her even if I have not discerned your angle…” The tortoise replied causing the wolf to bark a laugh. “Your suspicions are noted and understood…you’ve no reason to trust me…words will not suffice…allow me to prove myself…” The wolf said to which the turtle responded with a pompous harrumph. “Very well mongrel…transform…” The tortoise said the moniker “mongrel” earning him a toothy constricted smile that looked more vicious than jovial. “I trust you will not repeat that insult…while I mean no harm to the Princess I have no such affections for you…”


I have given you a prompt hint with this 😛 I tried to write it for children, it is incomplete and who knows if it stays that way lol


46 thoughts on “The Princess And The Wolf

  1. I like it. 🙂

    I write sci-fi/fantasy and I get inspired a lot by children stories, like yours that I’ve just read, because everything’s possible, no limits.

    1. Thank you Elia I have no experience with writing children’s stories this is a challenge for me! It isn’t finished yet of course haha I haven’t tackled Sci Fi yet, Vurt is my favorite Sci Fi book though =) Are your stories at your site?

  2. You’re welcome. Even with no experience, you managed to write a good children story. And I think it’s not difficult to conclude this since you have a lot of possibilities 🙂

    No, only poems there. I don’t have too many followers at the moment, so I don’t think anyone will read them lol

    1. I don’t see how many followers you have but you do get tons of likes, I have never gotten 30 likes ever I would bake a cake for myself and celebrate if I ever did lol You are an excellent writer and I would read you stories I am sure others would too. I can say that fewer people read my stories than my poetry and I get significantly less likes on stories but I can’t say if its because I am bad at writing them or if they are just too long for people to consider reading. In any case you are a lot more popular than I am so you would get a lot more hits

      1. Thank you for your very kind words 🙂

        There’s another problem, actually. English is not my first language. I find it easier to write poetry than stories in English. I can make it simple and straightforward as in daily conversation. While my stories rely a lot on metaphor, simile, and rhythm, and they’re hard to translate (from the original). I’ll find a way, though (maybe I’ll ask my friends to correct the mistakes before I publish each of them lol).

        Thanks (once again) for your words. I feel more motivated now 😆

  3. nice….well not for the tortoise…ha…but he needs to know when to shut his mouth….lol…cute story…hard at times to trust a wolfs intentions…but def dont insult him…

  4. as to your convo above…i used to write much longer stories and got considerably less comments…people will read them if they are committed to you but i found the attention span of most bloggers is less than 200 words….then they skim and miss the best parts….i find the longer the piece the more superficial comments i get as well…

    1. i don’t get too many superficial comments luckily, but I definently notice that less people read my stories but when even one person gets excited and wants you to continue it does a lot to encourage. Like with Absinthe series. But you are right people do have a pretty short attention span and it is a shame when they skim and miss the best bits!

  5. maybe there’s something in the air. i wrote a short story this morning. i want to read the end of this one! i really want the wolf to be a good guy, but right now, i’m with the turtle. i don’t like him.

    as far as “likes” wordpress won’t let me like posts since i don’t have an account. 😦 there are times with most blogs that i’ve read, that i wish that i could because i like the post, but i don’t have anything to really add beyond that, but i want to express that i liked it, so i end up writing the meaningless one word thing. there should be a “how to comment meaningfully” tutorial somewhere.

    if you don’t mind, i thought i’d share a link to “the best place by the fire” i love her short stories, although i almost never comment on them.

    happy weekend y’all. h.

    1. Awww thank you Heidi and thank you so much for your wonderful thoughtful comments! I will definitely check her out thanks for the recommendation =) I sometimes find that I get totally stupid when commenting, I am so shy and socially awkward that I second guess my comments

      1. I also find my wordpress ID fails a lot so sometimes I can’t comment I hate using my google to comment because it isn’t even my correct name (I think someone hi jacked my google account)

      2. I have a hard time second guessing my comments too. I always console myself that I didn’t comment “oh you have such a legible font.”

  6. you have the beginning of a very interesting story…I have a great interest to see where you take it. I have found that the comments about stories are basically true…especially in the blogging world. It is hard to write and then commit to reading and responding to other stories. I have noticed that writers who write short poems and submit to multiple sites get lots of comments. I have wondered how they find the time to respond to other writers.
    I only submit one story or short poem per site and I only get a few comments but I feel the writers who take the time are giving me honest feed back.
    I have considered trying to start a story writing club where each writer submits a monthly story to others writers for their editing and honest evaluation. Maybe someday…
    Please continue this story…I find the tortoise a wonderful idea as the mode of transportation for a princess…and a silver wolf transforming to a man…wow..what possibilities…..

    1. Well perhaps you will add to the story then Grizz! Because one of the options for tomorrow’s prompt is to continue the story I have started. The theme will be fairytale so you can create your own as well but if you like you can write a continuation to mine. I comment and read several blogs but I am too slow to read 100s of blogs a day. I LOVE reading other people’s poems and stories so its a shame I can’t read more of them. That is a great idea! I once hosted a writing group, where we wrote stories together we each had our set of characters it was lot of fun

      1. I am not sure about jumping into someone else’s mind and looking for literary juice. Perhaps I shall try…just to see what happens…

    2. If you ever do start the writing club, please allow me to participate. I would love to spend some time reading over someone’s work and having a thoughtful discussion. Some of my skills are rusty, but I would imagine that the process would take some time to work out kinks as well, so I could catch up. it’s an exciting idea.

  7. This is a wonderful story, can’t wait to see how it ends. I have always loved reading fairytales, have never written one though. Look forward to finding out whether the wolf is actually a good guy or not. Loved it!

  8. Ha! Having read the contributions “from tail up” as it were, I have now found the source of the tortoise and wolf! Excello-splendid tale of wonderful fairytaleishness. And in answer to L.A.W. poetry above: of course the wolf is a good guy… especially if he’s made of diary products.

  9. I had written an over-long bramble. I’ll do forensic commenting (my computer hungers after comments and consumes them when it can!
    There is danger there . . . Can you trust a shape-shifter? They may never appear as they truly are. Is the prince a shape-shifting wolf by choice of by enchantment?
    Will the strength of purpose, the unquestioned loyalty to Willa, and the wisdom of the tortoise who has lived for uncountable/untold years gaining sagness be strong enough to withstand the shape-shifter?
    I can’t wait for the next installment — the way that many stories in the 1800s were printed, a chapter at a time. Sold more journals/magazines that way!
    And in terms of the temptations that I think are to come . . . As Oscar Wilde noted “I can resist everything except temptation. . .
    PS: when I do the Mr Linky thing, there is no comment box, so I couldn’t
    leave a comment there.
    I am spell bound, enchanted and waiting . . .

    1. I have a basic Mr. Linky so you can’t leave comments but there is a comment box attached to the post. Thank you so much you are so kind! I didn’t know that, how lovely =)

  10. This is an intriguing story. I love the idea of a turtle instead of a stead – wonderful on many levels. It has got my creative juices flowing… More please 🙂
    As far as likes go…I wouldn’t worry about it. I don’t think it’s a true measure of your work. Plus, it’s only fellow WP bloggers that can ‘like’…I suspect that most of the likes are probably done via the Reader, without even clicking on the link and reading the whole piece. Perhaps that’s a bit cynical, but my point is that ‘likes’ are superficial.
    And there is the time factor. Bloggers follow other bloggers in order to get their following up, but it becomes impossible to stay on top of each and every one of the blogs that you follow.
    Do you use Twitter? It’s a great way to find your audience and get outsiders to read your work. I’m happy to give you tips if need be.
    And again, I think this story has huge potential. xox

    1. I wasn’t worried too much about the likes it was more an observation that my poetry (haiku perhaps particularly) tends to be more popular lol I am less confident in my story-telling abilities as I tend to get kind of ADD with the longer works and I am not very organized. I love to read other blogs, I will not comment/like if I haven’t read a work in its entirety (sometimes more than once because either I loved it or because I didn’t understand it the first go round). While I am sure there are people who don’t read, I do get some very insightful comments and those are the best! Unfortunately I can’t keep up with all the blogs I don’t think I could even if I read 24 hours a day lol It is a shame though because there are so many talented writers out there! I try to visit a lot of blogs each day though. I really do love poetry and stories and there are definitely people that are as good as if not better than a lot of published writers (I have been blown away by the talent). I don’t have twitter or tumblr or really anything but facebook but I don’t post on facebook much or advertise much. None of my real life family or friends are followers of my blog, All my members came to me from
      cyberspace and I have met some awesome people like you =)

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