I adhere dreams as stars to the blackened

Chambers of any heart that has ever

Tried, through incrimination, to possess

Me. Under chloroform skies I sleep in

A world where the colors are still mine

To embellish, in a world that neither

Defers to extrinsic authorities nor

Condemns my Bohemian nature


Finally I wrote! Writer’s block or maybe confidence block not sure which

Submission for

Poet’s United





In cuspate leaves

My armor is fashioned

From the plates of Dogbane beetles

An iridescent nymph distantly glimpsed

Mephitic when intimacy

Enforces disclosure

Let me remain



I do my best to be invisible in public but apparently I am not be very stealthy because strangers are always approaching me for conversation lol

Day 2 Blog Challenge 20 Facts


20 Facts

1. I cook mostly Japanese food

2. I have done yoga since I was 12 so for 20 years now!

3. I weigh less now than I did when I was 12 because I used to be overweight (I was around the same height than as now and I had been through puberty). I still battle with weight issues I love to eat, I eat for every conceivable reason and I have hypothyrodism. So I eat seaweed for the old thyroid and exercise 2 hours a day and do my best to eat nutritiously. I have a degree in Nutrition =)

4. I love 90s music

5. Beluga whales are one of my favorite animals

6. I want to start a Brothel of Slaking Intellectual Lusts a place where you stimulate the mind as opposed to the flesh. Dreams, philosophy, psychology, debate you name it!

7. I had a cat Garfield (whom I loved to bits) who could talk (not that he did it a lot but randomly). My husband found out when Garfield asked him one day when they were alone “How are you doing?”

8. I love cult films like “Donnie Darko” “A Clockwork Orange” “Fight Club” “SLC Punk” “Rocky Horror Picture Show” etc. I am really really 90s okay lol

9. I spend 2 plus hours a day on the tram (so my daughter can go to the daycare she went to before we moved) and that’s where I get most of my reading done!

10. I get up at 6 am everyday I don’t even sleep in when sick!

11. I am obsessed with the show Mystery Diagnosis

12. None of my dishes match I go to Secondhand Shops and pick them out randomly

13. I stopped eating gluten in January to help with my seizures and for the first time in my life my nails are actually growing!

14. I have detailed profiles for over a hundred characters/more in my head

15. I have seen all of Bruce Lee’s movies multiple times

16. I once fell asleep in my front yard and woke up with 4 adorable dachshund puppies plus mom asleep on me, I had never met them prior

17. When I was teenager I used to rearrange all the furniture and switch the rooms around in our house when no one was around, my mom never minded because I cleaned at the same time (hyper much?)

18. My grandmother on my dad’s side looked so much like the tree from Pocahontas that I sometimes watch the movie because I don’t have pictures of her (not for lack of trying but in every picture I took she looks like a spirit its all blurry and super bright). My aunt painted a portrait of her which was used during her service because no one had a picture. During her service her casket was literally glowing.

19. I always knew I would marry a Swedish man before I even met my husband I was saving up to visit Sweden.

20. Dessert Roses are one of my favorite plants