20 Facts

1. I cook mostly Japanese food

2. I have done yoga since I was 12 so for 20 years now!

3. I weigh less now than I did when I was 12 because I used to be overweight (I was around the same height than as now and I had been through puberty). I still battle with weight issues I love to eat, I eat for every conceivable reason and I have hypothyrodism. So I eat seaweed for the old thyroid and exercise 2 hours a day and do my best to eat nutritiously. I have a degree in Nutrition =)

4. I love 90s music

5. Beluga whales are one of my favorite animals

6. I want to start a Brothel of Slaking Intellectual Lusts a place where you stimulate the mind as opposed to the flesh. Dreams, philosophy, psychology, debate you name it!

7. I had a cat Garfield (whom I loved to bits) who could talk (not that he did it a lot but randomly). My husband found out when Garfield asked him one day when they were alone “How are you doing?”

8. I love cult films like “Donnie Darko” “A Clockwork Orange” “Fight Club” “SLC Punk” “Rocky Horror Picture Show” etc. I am really really 90s okay lol

9. I spend 2 plus hours a day on the tram (so my daughter can go to the daycare she went to before we moved) and that’s where I get most of my reading done!

10. I get up at 6 am everyday I don’t even sleep in when sick!

11. I am obsessed with the show Mystery Diagnosis

12. None of my dishes match I go to Secondhand Shops and pick them out randomly

13. I stopped eating gluten in January to help with my seizures and for the first time in my life my nails are actually growing!

14. I have detailed profiles for over a hundred characters/more in my head

15. I have seen all of Bruce Lee’s movies multiple times

16. I once fell asleep in my front yard and woke up with 4 adorable dachshund puppies plus mom asleep on me, I had never met them prior

17. When I was teenager I used to rearrange all the furniture and switch the rooms around in our house when no one was around, my mom never minded because I cleaned at the same time (hyper much?)

18. My grandmother on my dad’s side looked so much like the tree from Pocahontas that I sometimes watch the movie because I don’t have pictures of her (not for lack of trying but in every picture I took she looks like a spirit its all blurry and super bright). My aunt painted a portrait of her which was used during her service because no one had a picture. During her service her casket was literally glowing.

19. I always knew I would marry a Swedish man before I even met my husband I was saving up to visit Sweden.

20. Dessert Roses are one of my favorite plants


14 thoughts on “Day 2 Blog Challenge 20 Facts

  1. Great list! Great challenge. Rocky Horror Picture Show (recently read an article about it’s influence on “the arts”) will always hold a soft spot in my heart — Let’s do the time warp again!
    Just to let you know I haven’t “forgotten” your great blog posts — due to cognitive reasons, I easily get overwhelmed, so I’ve set your blog on weekly digest. I’m doing/done this with all the wordpress.com blogs I follow.
    Looking forward to your answers to the other questions/challenges!

    1. Yeeps I just discovered my dress has been backwards all day including when I was at the grocery store. I guess people weren’t staring at me because I look nice lol Thank you so much that is an awesome song! I understand totally I have taken hiatus’ myself and sometimes very long ones. I get overwhelmed very easily. I just hope you feel better soon =)

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