Grave Digger


In the space it took for

Me to strip you from the

Unexceptional moments

Of my every day, I had already



My fists are still scarred

From cradling your bony

Heart, the cave I made to

Hold you is collapsed now, it

Was collapsing then, you too

Were broken by the inflexibility of

My own hands, by those changes

That I, as stone could not make


As drones we circled those

Vows, that viciously binding

Ultimately strangled the identities

Of our separate beings. Without

You, I am nothing, and together we

Are exsanguinous, 6 feet under and

Too weak to struggle. This is my

Curse to kill what I love through

The continuous destruction of self


Love became a chant held too

Long in the mouth, so bitterly

Repeated in the hostile sterility

Of a choleric womb that we soured

And ultimately hardened against

Exchange, and we as masonry were

Built in the idealization of loyalty, as

A prison, the both of us crooks

The both of us stealing and withholding


In your absence I have seen the sun

Without your cumulus cast upon it

I have felt the rain not as the fire of

An indefensible guilt but as the

Cleansing of a necessary release, yet

My bones still remember the cancer,

The ache of your cells clenched and

Malignant in the indentations. Even on

Good days I miss you, but to take you back

Would be to assume the anaerobic pressure

Of over 4 tons of tightly packed earth


(Phew these are really tough for me trying to fit another’s vocabulary into my own work everyone is so masterful,  me I am just a sloppy novice haha)

This submission is for

The Sunday Whirl