Early Poetry




Reality is one adversary I do not wish to face.

Inside its cold embrace, fully exposed, I stand alone.

Consumed by the fear of expression.



Remember how I used to sit with you

On a bathroom floor rotted through

By excrement just to make sure that

You didn’t stop breathing during the



(I did manage to scrounge up some really old poems from high school, I only wrote like 2 poems in junior high and one is already in the comments section the other was about drowning but I can’t remember it. I tended to write very short poems. I decided not to edit them they are honest if nothing else.)








Maternal limbs

Cradle expectancy

An embryonic wind

Folds in on itself


The sky is oblate,

Like a mirror

Dusted with



The cumulus settles

Behind my eyes

Lying on the

Grass, carbon

Paper thin,





Behind a noh mask

The sun casts

Tragic silhouettes


Blackened clouds exhume

Spectral ambiance


(Sorry guys but I really couldn’t produce anything today migraine, coupled with a high fever equals no sustainable thoughts. These are impressions I got looking out the window in a feverish/medicated stupor lol I must have looked for an hour for pictures of girls at windows of skies and not one of them felt right)