Old Couple, Togan Gokbakar

In your palms the lineation

Of a life worn deeply, of a

Life fathoms beneath a

Stringent surface tension

There is no recompense

For seasons unspent, only

The encroachment of a

Premature dormancy but we

Were never ones to defer

Or conform to authority


Your eyes still suffer

The compression of a

Hunting dog mentality

An intention greater

Than the passivity to

Meekly survive, the

Intention to pursue to

The very last breath

That which meaning

Renders esoterically



I have seen the horizon

In the artistic etchings

Above your brow line, felt

Your soulful eyes pressing

Into mine in the nuanced

Silence of a publicly discreet

Affection. These moments

Intimately suspended are

Eternal, beyond the clock’s

Insensate curse


I have known your smile

Awkwardly placed and I know

It now simple, composed in

The grace of a universal wisdom

We are the unsought Buddhas

Of a superfluous generation

Hearts that know how to hold

Without breaking, how to exist

Humorously incongruous without

The need for mutual defacement

(You are too stubborn to change

And through my own means I

Could make you no better)


In these moments

No longer articulated, we

Experience that which is

Beyond the callousness of

Words, lets not perforate

Love with the appeasement

Of ego, a lifetime of expressing

Has rendered you

Unquestionably faithful


(Written from the perspective of the female. Submission for The Magpie Tales click the picture to be directed to the site)