I adhere dreams as stars to the blackened

Chambers of any heart that has ever

Tried, through incrimination, to possess

Me. Under chloroform skies I sleep in

A world where the colors are still mine

To embellish, in a world that neither

Defers to extrinsic authorities nor

Condemns my Bohemian nature


Finally I wrote! Writer’s block or maybe confidence block not sure which

Submission for

Poet’s United


24 thoughts on “Dream

  1. Love this, particularly now that I know you have such interesting adds another level to the poem where I wonder which dreams, in particular, inspired these words. Brilliant as ever my friend! 🙂

  2. hmmm…feels good to write when you get stuck doesnt it…smiles..adhering dreams to the heart is cool, stars seems a weird word in that context…chloroform skies is a cool description…and hey i am all for bohemian

  3. I had writer’s block as a songwriter for years… I am finally writing music again, and I feel like the luckiest man in the world. I just sit and play at my piano and smile. Love this poem… “extrinsic authorities….” My favorite line.

    1. Thank you Ray! I get it sometimes generally its a matter of my confidence obscuring my vision so to speak. Typically if I keep trying they don’t last too long but if I give up they can last months or even years

      1. It’s an awful feeling when what you want to say can’t be put into words (or music). Very frustrating. I had it for years, musically. I have written 18 songs this year so far… I haven’t written in 20 years. Such wonderful therapy to write. Hope your streak continues!

      1. It had alot to do with my personal life and what I’m currently going through…. (divorce). Intrinsically entwined.

  4. I definitely get the idea from this poem that in your dreams you have FREEDOM. The colors are yours (not someone else’s), and your Bohemian nature is nourished rather than repressed. I like the idea that in one’s dreams one can be whoever one wishes to be..and sometimes (I think) we find out just who this is by paying attention to our dreams.

    1. I think so too =) I have lucid dreams (some times) where I have 100% control and I can make any scenario I wish to live out (obviously I can’t do that in real life lol) Its a great way to see my stories

  5. Writer’s block is frustrating. It wears one down! Glad it’s all over. True enough dreams can trigger off a start for ideas! Nicely!


  6. This one is to be added to my mind’s first aid kit 🙂 I like its vision very much.
    (I’m sorry I didn’t make my poem for the stigma prompt..I was lost in my atmosphere of the unknown since)

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