Betrayal Senryu


Palm fed her heart burns

Defenseless against desire

False words abandon

(You can read this two ways because I am sneaky like that in the first way, which is positive, you can read it as true love makes us honest, makes us clearly visible our defenses betray us or you can read it as flattery can feed our egos incite our passions but that in the end it leaves us with nothing)




The timing is off in those biological clocks

That cater strictly to cosmetic appetites

Egos blazing, nebulous hearts hover

Never falling deeper than a crush.


Dirty mouths and hands hunger for that

Which a synthetic self can neither posses

Nor offer. Love does not reflect in pantomime


We move through a bleak and predatory landscape,

Touch notwithstanding, we suffer behind the

Detaching impetus to assume caricature


We are slabs of flesh cut and stitched lifeless into the skyline

Of an opaque and necrotic future. Bated breath, stagnate

We move critically out of synch with nature, eyes

No longer a torch, our vision lines the walls in darkness


Submission for The Sunday Whirl

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