Absinthe Diary Snippets (Sean)


Your eyes are not the sea

They are parked, like oil slicks

Between crisp margins

Depthless but beautiful

Under the canary yellow

Light of a migratory sun


I have reread all your letters

In search of departure but

There is nothing in the grace of

Your feline syllabary to betray

You and nothing in your tears,

As you hurried across the

Threshold into the votive

Light of artificial moons,

To suggest that it was

Ever an absence of love


Sometimes I peel your fliers

From bulletin boards like the

Rinds of oranges but there is

No sweetness in a smile that

Will never again rest against

My own


The widow in apartment 16

Is still threading shadows

Into the feathers of carrion

We drink our tea on the

Balcony in the chrysalis

Of unwashed blankets

Side by side every

Morning. She still wears

A starlet red negligee

Underneath her bathrobe

(I bet shes beautiful when

she sleeps)


Lately I have been hoping to

Catch a messenger pigeon

I know that you are alone

I know the faces of all the

Girls who want to belong

To you, those girls with

Smiles like glass, I can’t

Bring myself to hate them

(but sometimes their

too nice)


Morpheus no longer brings

Sleep, only open-eyed

Nightmares, I lie awake

Every night, face down,

Wondering where you are

(Your absence doesn’t

feel at all like freedom)


In the first poem she isn’t calling Sean shallow she is saying that his goals are very focused so he doesn’t get off track a lot and that his emotions are generally on the surface. I decided to go with a journal since she has never spoken in any of the other stories.

This submission is for

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