Codependency Snippets



Underneath your

Venous, satin-lined

Tongue my unused

Voice indurates, like

A dragonfly fused

In amber



My Judas will aligns

To your misogynistic

Constructs as if

Through adhesion

I could alter your




My spinal column,

As an aqueduct,

Carries water from

The amnesiac waters

Of the river Styx.

In my eyes you are

Continuously reborn

In my eyes, I have

Always been the

Guilty one



You are anhedonic

Like a scarecrow

Imposing shadows

On a xanthic field

It’s not your words

So much as the

Orientation of your

Threats, left-sided


Every morning I wake

Up hysterical knowing

That your straw hands

Have molded around

My heart, knowing

That your 6 foot

Shadow is my grave



There are moments when I

Can’t recognize my hands

Bilious doves tucked into

The pockets of a winter

Jacket worn year round


Rarely inspired to labor

These fists full of dirty

Feathers and windless

Dreams have through

Negligence crumbled


(Last night I had a nightmare that my husband and I were driving a long stretch of highway flanked by fallow fields. In the fields there were all these brightly colored doors, a few of them were partially opened but with no visible light between the cracks just darkness. My husband couldn’t see them and though I was in the car, in my mind they seemed to get closer and closer. I don’t know if they represented unreality or death. Lately before a seizure I am seeing birds sometimes like black crows and last night some bizarre golden bird, everything is so surreal at the moment and I am really exhausted.)