My nerves as delicate as humming

Bird wings are in danger of igniting

Like autumn leaves this flesh, parched

Uncertain drapes over bones that crack

With both motion and impassivity but

Especially on waking as if the moon

Had fallen upon me during the night


Someone has trampled my chest

The pulse thunderous like horse

Hooves cleaving the dust in retreat

Throbs with exquisite attention to detail

I can feel each fiber strung around the

Ribs, no longer elastic they tear with

Expansion and whine on collapse


Oxygen pulled through viscosity

Comes slowly, too slowly almost

Panting, white tissues flying up

In surrender and still the war


My brain, now merely an ossified impression

Does not speak anymore but clenches angrily

I always sensed rebellion in her, the

Dendrites are too unorganized to tolerate

Peace and in absence they burst as if a

Full-sized militia had been released


My stomach burns and I think my eyes

Must exist only within her because

They too have fermented, and nothing

New has passed before them in days

My window bleeds beauty and I watch

From a distance bitterly caged


I cough and shake, mine is the primitive

Language of bees. Buzz, buzz, the sinuses

Hum suffocating, suffocating and the

Atmosphere, ever theatrical, takes leave


(I have been sick a while and I am starting to think I have pneumonia when I wake up the pain in my chest and body is intense I literally want to punch myself repeatedly in the face just to feel something different. I am thinking of going to the doctor on Monday)


Prompt 2 Fear


The theme this week is fear and while last week’s prompt was dedicated to poetry this weeks submissions aren’t limited to poetry so feel free to submit short stories, songs, photos etc. You can take a serious approach or a lighthearted one. Since my writing is usually very serious I decided to go for a lighter approach, I don’t usually write humor so this was a new experience for me! Rather than reveal a fear you can also tell a ghost story and scare the rest of us! You can also of course relay something true, some societal horror or what not. I am very flexible to interpretations so really just run wild. Please try to read and comment on everyone’s submissions. Just click the Mister Linky to add a submission and to locate the submissions of other participants =) I really am scared of centipedes btw and this is a true story. My submission is below.


There I was, entrenched in monologue

Not one of those monologues confined

To introspective silence but one whose

Animated vocalization calls into question

Sanity, when I heard it, a scream so shrill

That it chips away at the enamel, a scream

So eerie that it abrades the bones and nerves

Simultaneously, like the application of

Keratin to slate. For a moment I wondered

If the sound resided within my own body

The screeching of my neurons grinding to

A halt as if my own company were not

Proving sufficiently stimulating!


Turning slowly to the wall, which I found

In disagreeable proximity to my face, I saw it

Three inches of shuddering exoskeleton,

Three inches of commensurate insect limbs

Poised vertically on an otherwise naked

Surface, impossible to deny. A rust-colored

Centipede shrieking in agony whether at

The imposition of my presence or at the

Content of my externally projected thoughts

I can’t say but there it was, omitting an

Earsplitting electrical pulse like the

Magnetostriction of a cathode ray

Television suspended in my direct

Line of vision and there I was

All 64 inches of tremulous

Endoskeleton screaming at the

Top of my lungs as I ran out

The door. Dignity? What dignity?!